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  1. We still need to deposit our coin to this DEX. I don't know why i hate this kind of DEX, why don't he just build something similar DDEX or Bamborelay
  2. Sad to see coinexchange closed! Thanks for many years of being an awesome exchange!! Now i will stay on yobit 😃
  3. you can access darkweb using TOR. search for hidden wiki you can find link and a lot information on that page. yeah its dangerous place, but thing is its actually a lot of fake site just wanted to scam you.
  4. woah this thing still alive? i got error when click on notification last time visit this page.. glad this continue, i can make some passive $$ while waiting for my trade to finish!
  5. thanks! whats up with this people with that big fonts? am i only one seeing this? feel like they was bot or same person?
  6. hey thanks for info, i got that BTC after minute posting my first post that was so damn fast! so we had limit posting here? only 30 per days?
  7. Hi, this was good from yobit but i still don't understand how we will get paid? should we provide BTC address? anyone can show me how this thing work?
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