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  1. yow dude this is so helpful men not only to share info but to help us how to make one please men keep doing this and many more people will have more thoughts about what you make.
  2. anything is okay but for me I choose bitcoin bitcoin is the most trusted and the most long time company cryptocurrency that has been made.
  3. uhmm for me it pretty gonna have a super duper bad time because almost all in the world use google so if that will happen we will be doomed.
  4. I personally think that crypto is a very good crypto currency that can helps us earn money and helps us learn how to trade so crypto future is very unknown.
  5. I agree to this man because only the CEO and the employees will only know the real status of bitcoin but he is right the company will stay for a very long time.
  6. Yes I totally agree with what you said in this but for me Bitcoin because it is stable and most trusted cryptocurrency that has been made.
  7. yeah men thanks for saying this I almost forgot you this is a very rare opportunity for use people that wants to gain more money and trade more.
  8. I agree with you we all peple need to store real money in hands so that we can train our self in saving so that we will not need anymore banks or anything.
  9. I did not use yet my coins because I intend to save money for my future and so that when in the future I am insured that I have stored money.
  10. Thanks men I really appreciate this dude this will help a lot to keep away from scammers I hope you can find more if this you can help more other people from this☺️.
  11. uhmm since I started here I start only with the easy questions and later and on I start researching BTC, crypto, YoBit and so many more and start expressing my thoughts about the certain questions.
  12. Accept that Bitcoin is a volatile, high-risk opportunity If you’re going to handle Bitcoin investing mentally, you need to get your head around the fact that it’s going to be a bumpy ride. The volatility in Bitcoin is enough to scare off even the most experienced of traditional investors.
  13. I think I have been in crypto 2 weeks before to be honest crypto help me to improve my skills in gathering information and helps me to sharpen my vocabulary to execute my comment.
  14. For me, people should invest in bitcoin right now especially that its coin price is low and wait for the time that its price will go up for you to sell it.
  15. I would just sleep all day because mining and faucet is not that profitable so i will just sleep all day.
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