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  1. Honestly, anytime can be the time to add more functional features in this forum. What you have stated are good ideas. It will help our forum be more accessible, efficient, effective, and functional.
  2. Ngetpa

    Bitcoin now dump

    Well, it is pretty obvious that bitcoin is down. I think it is the best time you buy it until it is in cheap price. I do hope in early 2021 the bitcoin will rise again.
  3. When I am new to the cryptoworld the first thing I did was of course study the concepts and mechanics of it. Asking somebody about my inqueries. Read and watch artocles in regard with the topic.
  4. I agree. So far the cryptotalk is good. Although I just joined recently, I manage to obtain lots of learnings from different insights of people regarding the crypto. I am enjoying posting and interacting with others.
  5. I think it is too early for a new coin to reach $100 since it just launch. Obviously, the price will depends on the users, supply, and demands of the said new coins.
  6. I often asked this questions too and upon interacting in forum I have come to a conclusion that bitcoin is volatile due to the supply and demands of the users.
  7. I think you cannot change your UID on your yobit account because it serves as an ID of your account and every ID is unique. In order to have another, maybe you need to create another.
  8. It depends if your 101 post will be counted. Upon posting after 100, it will take time before it will be counted as a paid post. Just wait and check your yobit account to be updated.
  9. For me, decentralized is not being control by a organization. It can be freely move. Centralized is being manipulate by a top management. It have a fixed value. Correct me if I wrong but that is my own concept about it.
  10. 2016 was the year I have knew bitcoin. I am currently holding a little amount of it and I do hope it will increase. Actually, I haven't any bitcoin yet.
  11. What do you meam by browser user? As far as I know, the browser is a way to access the cryptocurrency sites.
  12. Not totally Satoshi Nakamoto but rather the bitcoin itself. They trusted it maybe because they see its potential in the future. They have believe that one day it will be valuable and look at it today. From nothing into something. Business minded people have more eyesight in something.
  13. Ngetpa

    Find Scam

    Finding scam is hard especially because we cannot immediately distinguish the credability of a project. Bitcoin can indeed be a scam depends on how the people uses and manipulate or use in projects.
  14. In the current sitiation of bitcoin, I think $10,000 is more valuable now than bitcoin because as of now bitcoin is only $7,500 under the last time I check. And it will take too long before it reaches another peak.
  15. No I am not blaming myself that I join in here. In fact, I am happy that I am able discover this forum because I have earned money without such physical effort required.
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