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  1. I let chrome generate difficult password and then they are saved to my chrome account, but i think this one was not saved properly. That is the message I got from yobit, the key message is "recovery your mail" which I did not understand what it meant.
  2. Hello guys, good morning, just this morning I tried to log in to my yobit account and then I was asked to verify link to my email address, when i opened my mailer (outlook.com) I had to log in nad I sure saved my logins info in the chrome browser account as always, but then it was not it, I do not remember the password it was generated by chrome and it was so hard, I simply saved it in my browser. No I can not verify my email so I can not log in to yobit, I tried resetting password on outlook but I did not set 2FA so i had to go through their reviews, and failed the review as I did not provide them enough info when i created the account. I contacted yobit but I still waiting for their response. What do you think will happen did I just lost my account with all the coins in it?
  3. Ysh especially the whales they will not let bitcoin fall, while they have the power to make it rise and gain some profit.
  4. So I understand you use multiple addresses probably different wallet because of security measures, how is that?
  5. I would give it 60 of 100, the prediction of crypto id accurate juts sometimes it is affected by these so called whales.
  6. Anything is possible, i men what's the best hack if not disabling the whole internet service. There are hackers who are dedicated juts to do that.
  7. 83% says yes but they do not see the bigger picture here, local languages will destroy the unity, look at us now we are already separated from russians.
  8. Man some people are very rich and even a bitcoin is nothing to them, but also in some countries you do not buy much with 1 btc compared to other countries.
  9. In polonex there is no fee in trading and withdrawal fee is only 0.0001 btc. But also the PIT exchange has lower fees and no fee on withdrawal to blockchain.com wallet.
  10. On the how, i think they just change the volumes in the source code of the app, and on the way it is for profit on fees etc.
  11. Okasy them I hope you get time to search that article and link e to it so I get to read and understand more how those site works.
  12. I hope so, but i doubt it as there is no real developers team for bitcoin anymore, if it were there could have been some updates, since 8 years ago.
  13. This volatile is not an issue if bitcoin could always recover back to top and in time even go higher in price.
  14. That would be a great help and if you get these sites link me one or some of them so I get to review them.
  15. What trust issue, crypto will surely relce fiat, juts like Fiat replaced barter trade. It is simple evolution.
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