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  1. For me it only makes sense to take part in an ICO now that either has an exceptionally respectable group or has an item that can create assets after. In the event that it doesn't have these two things I will rather purchase on a trade later on.
  2. If you know the basic thing that you are doing in trading then you don't need to panic all the time, all you have to do is to trust yourself more than anything else, and you can actually trust yourself if you have a knowledge about what you are doing, just try and try start with little, take risk and the courage.
  3. For the most part, ICOs will tend to drop in value when listed on exchanges for one or more of the following reasons. 1. The bounty hunters and airdrop recipients dump their tokens on the exchange at just below ICO price to guarantee a quick sale (assuming interest in the market). The second reason is because they list the token on a crap exchange that is easily manipulated, as soon as the pump groups get hold of it the token price can go anywhere, whether high or low. Stay away until listed on at least a best level exchange like Yobit.
  4. As i know before etherium a live there are some altcoin skip ico stage like dogecoin if i am not wrong. Buy in ico or after hitting exchanger has its own risk and profit. They have its own pros and cons. So its your choice after all.
  5. this time I made a thread about, Panic sells altcoin when the price goes down for fear the price keeps falling and panic when altcoin rises because want to profit from altcoin. Because everyone is trading to get profit, but why sometimes even loss? because of errors or panic? most people currently buy coins just to follow friends, crypto pump groups, and get info from other places to buy one of altcloin, and there are beginners who only know the famous coins that make them lose because they do not know which coins will go up. the price and where the coins will go down in price, then most of now the panic sells and panics. and here I want to ask how you always profit from altcoin trading?
  6. I think it is reasonable. Because the market is down, so are the tokens that are sold at unreasonable prices. We just have to wait for their prices to recover or they will die
  7. To make good investments, you should be a good trader. Do not invest in just one coin, and do not hold your investments together. Try to improve yourself on trading by reading and learning.
  8. for myself, I've just taken a gander at a few tasks, the coins of which I won't purchase during ICO. In one of them, they set a base point of confinement on the buy, yet I don't require so a lot, and the cost is very high. What's more, in the wake of heading off to the stock trade, I figure I should purchase this coin. I feel that it won't cost just as on ICO.
  9. I saw this marvel. Frequently somebody purchases up all the proposed tokens with a modest quantity of exchanging (for instance, take a gander at SMT on hitbtc this night), and following a couple of days these tokens go up in cost without a doubt. Is it worth purchasing such a token? Do not forget the rules for creating topics (topics begin with a capital letter) Moderator Desais👮‍♂️
  10. I have money. I kept my cash in various cryptocurrencey. I use coins for installment and I'm not a dealer. The circumstance on the cryptomarket has for some time been immeasurable. I'm apprehensive I'm accomplishing something incorrectly and I need to request guidance. Let me know, it would be ideal if you which digital money is the best for putting away cash? What is the best coin to pick? What's your opinion about this? Do not forget the rules for creating topics (topics begin with a capital letter) Moderator Desais👮‍♂️
  11. We should confide as far as we can tell in exchanging despite the fact that the circumstances got most exceedingly awful, and I don't think frenzy selling is the arrangement. What will befall your future benefit in the event that you sell everything because of you're terrified? That is the reason we should remain more grounded and keep the confidence consuming so we could remain against negative theorists.
  12. the altocoin market is so variuous and there are dozen of fascinating tasks that can be upheld. Be that as it may, i'm a little financial specialist (300$) and i'm genuinely thinking to place all my cash in just 1 venture I believe is awesome which curretly is in the best 10 of altcoins. I would prefer not to say the name on the grounds that my theme needs to be extremely broad: what do you believe is the hazard thusly? Would it be advisable for me to put resources into 2 or 3 coins? Do not forget the rules for creating topics (topics begin with a capital letter) Moderator Desais👮‍♂️
  13. I see that there are numerous ICOs that come fail because of lack of investment the fact that the idea is great and potential, would it say it isn't if the undertaking is supported and understood the venture will be effective and gainful for investors?
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