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  1. I agree with you in this age of technology like this, everything is possible and for sure cryptocurrencies will be the brightest thing in this era.
  2. for sure they will have to accept cryptocurrency if they don't want to be left behind then they will have to accept and use it.
  3. Yes, being patient will always get you what you deserve and will always benefit the patient and the smart.
  4. such taps are mostly phishing taps they just want to get your kyc and won't get any profit from it.
  5. gold will always be a safe currency you can easily see it at all times and it will always be worth until later.
  6. This is also known as the halving day of bitcoin and after each so bitcoin will increase not even slightly, maybe 1000%.
  7. Right now I have a lot of paid apps on mobile so I think what you say is not going to be difficult in the future.
  8. yes, many people are still very confident that cryptocurrencies will continue to soar so we can buy it now.
  9. Maybe it's true but I think 5 years is still not the best time for the crypto market to monopolize cryptocurrencies.
  10. You take up many more bonus projects because make sure it is helpful if the project is not a scam.
  11. Exactly, but many people will probably consider these countries' decentralized currencies to be good and jump into investment they will be controlled.
  12. they mentioned cryptocurrencies but not sure they already know about cryptocurrencies so not everyone who talks about it has knowledge of cryptocurrencies.
  13. yes, with the current market optimization capital, there is no doubt that bitcoin will die in the present.
  14. Blockchain is the best technology available today and it is very well applied to electronic currencies so there is no reason for China not to use it.
  15. I don't think so in bitcoin, I just see the security, not the great benefits, of investing in bitcoin almost safer than other currencies.
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