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  1. South Korea and China are more interested in cryptocurrencies than any other country. South Korea has become one of the major crypto support nations
  2. I can't say no that the reason I use cryptocurrencies is to make more money and at the same time I don't think I'm going to leave it anytime because I think it's an investment.
  3. No one knows about Bitcoin price analysis and altcoin forecast. I know bitcoin will go up because it's currently around $ 7,000. All you need in bitcoin is patience
  4. It's hard to say whether cryptocurrencies will exist forever. But we all want it to last forever. In the case of many cryptocurrencies to be used seriously
  5. No one knows about Bitcoin price analysis and altcoin forecast. Complex old people in my life I invested 3 weeks ago in btc, when the price was 4500 and even now
  6. The most important aspect in this regard is the highest level of privacy. I see so far there is only one plus point in cryptocurrencies, that is they help reduce the burden
  7. Having cryptocurrencies will exist forever because it is so popular and it helps life. This is the next generation concept and I believe in the future.
  8. In order to stay safe from scammers, we should not provide IDs, passwords, private keys. Surely I would like to suggest that the members are safe and confidential from scammers.
  9. I think that paying electronically is not right if you borrow money for identification. you will get nothing but planning and splitting your bitcoins into a purchase
  10. It is risky due to the fact that you will invest quite a lot of money but now you will not be sure if you can withdraw money before you start investing heavily in cryptocurrencies, you should learn and provide a full range. enough information
  11. You need money to use bitcoins, daily commission growth and even bitcoin bitcoins are another way to make money but can't be trusted.
  12. The quick-get-rich-money schemes with cryptocurrencies have become quite popular. There we don't immediately get rich. All need patience to do it
  13. Countless coins rise sharply, so individuals who contribute for a long time contribute a few coins in danger. We have heard many stories about people who make money from cryptocurrencies.
  14. I prefer to trade rather than gamble or mine because it is safer in terms of risk Depending on our destiny and to exploit, some people say that mining
  15. You mentioned a good point. I can do it which means it is not difficult for me to convince others to participate in trading. Of course, when I control the cryptocurrency market, I can tell my friends and family.
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