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  1. First, you should have an account on Yobit and have your cryptotalk account registered. You should also have first a hundred posts for you to get paid. Happy posting and have fun at the forum.
  2. I think they are performing campaigns to each other. Its a win-win situation for them. I also find Yobit as an reliable exchange site, its just that the transaction fee is high. We don't know exactly why it is Yobit.
  3. I experienced it also some other time, and this happens when I am cleaning cache involving the browser. I think that is the cause so it is normal. Always check your connection also for having better conclusion.
  4. Yes, we should look up first about the topics that interest us and perform replies to those topics to minimize the spamming for the forum. We need quality content of posts here, which could be considered as treasure.
  5. Be careful about those scammers and hackers. We must not get deceived by their attractive offers. The email could contain malwares that will enter to our device leading to a loss so better have security.
  6. I'm with crypto and it introduces me by having me a profit, that's what really interests me in. It is a good thing that I manage to know this and I also believe that this will be used in the future.
  7. If it is not necessary, I don't think it is a proper way to earn crypto. We can start by being part of the cryptotalk forum without investing anything. It is not good for us to lose our belongings without the assurance that it will grow.
  8. Gusion

    About Crypto

    Well this forum is a treasure, I think. It really does become successful and give us a lot of information. It is a good thing that this forum exist, it is like building our future through crypto.
  9. I can say that ripple is the one that is more stable. Its been increasing annually which is a good thing. I believe that this coin will become successful and have bitcoin a competitor.
  10. That's the reason why I am here too. I manage to earn at a convenient way. I joined the forum since November and I don't have much yet. Its not just that the forum pays, it also provide much information on how to earn.
  11. Free coins can be observed by having someone to donate coins. With that, we can have the free coins at Yobit just by simply collecting it. But I don't think it is worth it for the time we offer.
  12. Wow, this is such a great feature since we can make payments with crypto now. Crypto really is getting known by the world and can be used in the future. It does give good profit too.
  13. does really makes it to be a successful site as of now. Even the cabs has campaigning at it. It provides really good transactions from what you mentioned so I am looking forward to it.
  14. Because most of the altcoins does depends at the bitcoin movement. If the price of it goes up, then so does for the altcoin. Same when a dump will occur. That's why we should also start holding some altcoins because the bull could happen anytime soon.
  15. I can't risk my money. Like you said, I might end up losing all of my coins and I can't afford that. I don't think there is such a special technique on how to win on gambling. There is a possibility that it might not worked for me. So I think I should just play safe for my coins.
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