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  1. Keep hold. Everything that help us to grow profit is through patience. In order to prevent this, you must at least save some money so you won't have to claim your coins knowing that it is your loss.
  2. That is great for you, you earned a lot and managed to have 1 btc. Well I didn't expect the recent happening that occurs a bull run for crpyto. There will be a lot of events going to happen and we are not in the halving yet. So I think we can gain a huge profit.
  3. It really does give us a sudden bull run because of these event. Crypto is even considered as power. It can be used in bad ways such as using it for buying weapons. I heard that there are transactions like that happening on dark web.
  4. Well I guess I will take off from the forum. It is not that I will not visit here permanently, because the use of forum is for us to become informative and understand crypto which still helps us to earn. But to be honest I just got here because it pays.
  5. Once we see that, it really caught our attention. I think it means that it is the most interesting topic for the moment, wherein most of the people started talking about that certain topic. I think it is recommended by me to look through it.
  6. That is their problem. If they can't discipline themselves and does not listen to others then I don't think there is anything we can do. Based from my experience I earned crypto and lose nothing from it.
  7. I used as my wallet. Well my coins had been sitting for a long time at exchanges which is YoBit, I don't find any problem with it. Let us be careful and choose the right exchanges or wallet since scams are popular nowadays.
  8. Cryptocurrencies provides a transparency feature wherein there is a technology called blockchain that provides a decentralized transaction. As of now I don't think the world would consider using it, fiat will still dominate.
  9. I used crypto as a way of earning and there is a single reason on how I use Bitcoin, which is by converting it into fiat currencies. Bitcoin provides a large value and we can earn it for free and use it as my income.
  10. Well for a student like me, I can't find any reason why this is the best for us but I think it is good for us. I put priority on my academics so I just give my spare time posting here which is good since I can already earn.
  11. It is not a waste of time. I think it is just a waste of effort. We can still earn through faucets by free but with such a very little amount. So I don't recommend it and find another way.
  12. It is right at your face, because the only way I've been earning crypto is through this forum. It still pays good for an efficient work. You won't find something that will pays alot without performing so efficiently so I think this forum still pays good.
  13. Because I believe that crypto will get recovered from it just like what happened recently, there is a bullish act for the crypto. With that, I believe that patience is truly the key and it takes time to get successful. It still pays so why leave it?
  14. HYIP coins are scams so better watch out for that. Do not do the same mistake and save your earnings and use it for a greater cause. It will take time for us to earn a lot of amount and it will not get us successful at such easy way.
  15. I am a student too! I believe that it is a good thing for us to earn at a young age so that we can prepare and start earning for our future. I am pursuing this so that I can help at a young age and yet have what I want.
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