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  1. bitcoin is currently $10,000 plus in some market around the Cryptocurrency community. the price of bitcoin has risen to $ 10,000. So it is possible $ 10000.
  2. Yes, I agree with you that there are different members in this forum. Every one come from different countries and everyone work here very hardly
  3. You need to know a lot about Cryptocurrency if you want to do well in the cryptotalk forum. if you post more than 100 you earn 1k Satoshi per every post, you can earn 30k satoshi per day
  4. If I was rich, I would have invested a lot of money or money in cryptocurrency .I know it is best to earn money.
  5. Yeah , There are some apps from which you can earn . But these apps aren't like crypto world.I am also using mobile phones to earn and generate free money
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