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  1. Also a lot of people create topics even though they ask the same thing as other 3-4 people have asked before.good organization for the forum. It's a reputation of the forum.
  2. I think this is investment website and we can get good amount from BTC lottery but it's totally depends on our luck. There are a lot of these lottery websites with cryptocurrencies online.
  3. Yes notifications are not coming about this forum . They have all different kind of notification. Just enable a few of them that you want to all of them works too.
  4. I always react to posts that are very useful for me, but I rarely meet these ones. that Everyone got encourage to post more useful comment and community reputation will also increase.
  5. Nickname: hasib Address: Bangladesh Date Joined: November 2019 Hobby: Cricket Favorite color: black Job: student Favorite coin: bitcoin When you know BTC: 2018 Motto: life always happy.
  6. For me, my best cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Since it is the King of Cryptocurrency . It’s price is Very high. It is one of the best coin.
  7. Yes it's very important, choosing the suitable Crypto is the main one, if you choose the wrong coins you will lose.. I do think BTC, ETH, LTC is the better coin regarding investing.
  8. Last year 2018 was a golden year for grace. my friend received a $ 4500 coin in grace.I am still struggling for the authentic bounty programs.
  9. In my opinion it is good that time has increased. There are many spammers on the forum. this is quite good before thinking people will post yes but in many post I have to wait to post next post.
  10. First time welcome to cryptotalk communication system. Cryptotalk need first time suceesfull 100 comment then active your earn. you can earn 1000 satoshi for any post you do . And max post you can do in day is 30 post.
  11. I think the future of this forum is much better if it is to last longer & forum. If you can work in this forum. However, you can make more money. This is why in my opinion this forum is our future.
  12. Not sure about that, even the administrators haven't mentioned anything about it, so don't be like that and enjoy your time here and try to make money and make the best sense possible.
  13. It is very easy. You just need to write posts which have more then hundred symbols. You will earn 1000 satoshi per post. Cryptocurrency has given us a lot of money to make. There are many sites or many options to make money.
  14. Crypto33


    Coinbase is one of best wallet and exchenge in the world.I am using it since last 2 years. Coinbase wallet is very secure. This my favourite wallet.
  15. Two of them very different. Coinbase wallet powered by Coinbase itself.I think Blockchain better than coinbase.Blockchain used all over the world.
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