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  1. I am not sure in fuyure thats happend but now So many people stay home and every one want to earn money from home. I think Crypto trading is a good option for earning money from home. You make profit to buy and sell cryptocurrency
  2. Many people wants to take advantage from social issue like corona, Its allso happend on crypto there main goal is gather money from scaming, I think further corona currency vanish from Yobit. We should avoid corona coin
  3. We know China is very modern country and there crypto project are very strong, If China launch there own crypto, I think its maybe affected theire finance and I hope china use there own crypto separate place
  4. Its possible to drop bitcoin price drop bellow 6000 and allso possible to up 20000 its totaly depend on market allso popularity crypto. Now this cricis maybe affect on bitcoin price. I think bitcoin price going down
  5. Now days you see Many crypto wallet there security are diferent from each other, The main purpose on crypto wallet is hold crypto. I sugeste you to use blockchain wallet because there security syestem is so hard and its simple to use. If you want you use so many wallet for crypto currency
  6. I think you need to watch crypto price daily beacuse Crypto price regularly up and down, If you are profin in your crypto you can sell crypto. I think there are no specefic time to watch crypto
  7. Copy-paste without reference to the source is prohibited.This is one of rules posting Cryptotalk. I donot understand this rule, its mean copy paste allow? Otherwise its mean another thing.
  8. Today I thinking about coinmarketcap. i want to make post coinmarket cap all coin on cryptotalk, Can i do that? Allso what topic i chose on cryptotalk for make post on any coin. Any problem in my acount if i only share coin details, like todays coin price, trading volume, listed exchangers.
  9. I think yobit is best for you trade your assest. Where you deposit so many curency and trade if you think any coin become dump then you convert USD. after you want to buy any coin via your ecurrency you allso do that, So i think Yobit is best for trading.
  10. I think never happen this because google donot control crypto or bitcoin. If google want to controle cryptocurrency google donot do this. If USA goverment want do that only USA not all world.
  11. I I use coinbase properly, beacuse our country doesnot support other wallet, If i want buy and allso sell usse coinbase wallet , When i need money i withdrawl my blance and when i need trade i deposit use ecurrency.
  12. Bitcoin is so expensivebecause bitcoin supply is limited allso biitcoin use everywhere , if bitcoin demand going high then bitcoin more expencive from now
  13. Best easy way to earn from youbit is post crypto talk and post Bitcointalk, You know cryptotalk provide you to make money daily 30 post, If you want to post moreyou do that. Allso bitcoin talk provide you to join there signature campign and earn money which you get on yobit.
  14. Yes I still stay on crypto if its not convert fiat currency.I belive crypto use like fiat currency so i think donot neded to convert any other currency from crypto, If you want to spend your crypto any where if you needed.
  15. I sugested you to use youbit to exchange crypto to e curency like bitcoin to parfectmoney. When i need to exchange to crypto to ecurrency i sarch so many time for get best site, Then i see Yobit for thats. I deposit bitcoin on yobit then exchange usd and withdrawl within 5 minutes i get my money on my parfect money acount. Thats really easy. So you can use Yobit for that.
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