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  1. Obviously you can use cryptotalk without vpn if cryptotalk is llegal in your country. If your country don't have permission to access the cryptotalk then you have to use vpn to access it.
  2. We all face the same problem because it is a server problem. I face the same problem before. It takes 1 day to fixed this issue then. But now 1 days is over and I don't know why they authority don't fixed this problem.
  3. I think you will not get any warning or ban for this. In cryptotalk you can not create multiple accounts in one device but can create separate devices. Again you can use one email for one account. If you use that email in multiple purposes but don't use it to create another account then it will not hamper your account.
  4. You can see below the forum hot replies. If my post got many replies then it will show hot replies. Then people can easily find my post from the forum. Again if my post was good and I got many reputation for users then it will show as mist reacted in the end of the forum.
  5. Learning is the best way to create a good post. If you want to post something useful and effective then you have to enough knowledge about the topic. Don't post anything meaningless otherwise your posts will be deleted by the admins and you will not get any money for that post. So learn the topic carefully and make a proper post on this.
  6. How you get 1 btc in two days in this forum. You can earn only 30000 satoshi per day and it is about °0003 bitcoin. If you earn 2 btc then it is good. I refer you to use coinbase for storing your money. Because coinbase is popular wallet and it has high security also. Before you post anything, learn the topic carefully.
  7. Yeah there are many wallet where we can store our money in safe. Most of the people use coinbase and Blockchain to store their money. In my opinion coinbase is best for wallet. In coinbase we can trade our money but in Blockchain there is no option like trade.
  8. As a new don't ran after for money. Just learn the basics rules and learn more about trading and mining. You can use coinbase as your wallet. Because it is familiar to us and it has high security. Again you can find a trade option there
  9. I think you will not get banned for this. Me and my brother use same wifi for using the cryptotalk. But you can't use multiple accounts in one device because it is against cryptotalk rules. But if you use multiple accounts in one device then you will get banned by the admins. You can create multiple accounts in separate devices and can use same wifi to access those accounts.
  10. Just go to youbit and click on trade option top of the left corner of the page. There search ltc because in ltc the withdraw fees is too low. Make your btc into ltc by buying ltc with btc. Then go to wallet option and tap on ltc withdraw. By giving your wallet address you can easily withdraw your money from youbit.
  11. I don't know about this matter clearly. In cryptotalk we can use only one account in a device. If we use multiple accounts in one device then all accounts will be banned by the admins. But we can access cryptotalk from different ip and can use same wifi for multiple accounts in separate devices but I advised you to avoid it.
  12. I usually spend 2 hours daily in cryptotalk. In cryptotalk we can earn money easily by posting or reply on post. We can post 30 posts per day and can earn 30000 satoshi per day. Some days ago we have to wait 4 minutes between two post as a result it takes enough time. But it has now decrease so I easily complete my daily task in time.
  13. Congratulations for completing your first 100 posts. People usually like those post which they find useful for him. For me I read post of the reply and give reputation if I find it useful. Sometimes I see some of us post my useful post then I follow him to find useful and informative post.
  14. Really a useful post for us as well as for new members. Most of the time my posts were deleted by the admins. New users also face this problem mainly. Now they can read this post and learn how to avoid post delete.
  15. I also can not my btc into my account. I also face the same problem before. I think it is a server problem and it will be fixed soon. Before it takes 1 day to fixed this issue. But don't worry our btc will not lose. We hope authorities will fixed this problem as soon as possible.
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