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  1. Hi, well to get rich is very relative, I can say I am rich but for you this can mean I am poor. Well I try I make some money, hopefully I can soon make enough money to pay for some needs in life, that is all. For me, that's rich.
  2. By making good post so people would willing to check your infos by clicking your username link, so make good contents here at yobit forums and views will come sure at some point of time,.
  3. No they cannot because they needed to hack into your btc wallet which is impossible. Yes sure if you gave them your mobile phone or wallet password and username or your mail address access then sure they can, but without this parts it is not possible.
  4. It is worth to promote yobit platform since it has been online for so much time and gave us many opportunities to trade and to earn free crypto, I am talking about airdrops, fork coins, free coins, dice games and more. True, yobit is the best of all.
  5. Yeah sure, but to steal a BTC from your wallet a hacker needs to have access to your gmail, or to you passwords, or to have your mobile phone. If a hacker doesn't know any of this how does he know about your wallet anyways? It is better not to leave any personal info of your wallet addresses at any site, forum or blog.
  6. Well it depends, I made the most of my money using trading pairs. Just investing is only for beginners and a good way to start with cryptocurrencies. Instead of short term trader be a trader for a long term and instead of waiting for a coin to rise only it is better to trade in that time frame.
  7. Whole day trading is good, but if you look into more specific trading platforms you can select night time to be trading because at night time the most of the capital is traded with also the time that is needed for your order to be done is shorter then at day time which leads us to conclusion that night time is better time of day used for trading.
  8. If you ask me about crypo, and I assume you do, it is to make some crypto capital. Of course this would include having different cryptos into my portfolio, successful trades and much experience. This is not necessarily bond to my life in real world because I have another job and it is basically and extra income.
  9. Fear will take the success away from us, this is correct, but also if we are too careless we can also end up lose everything.
  10. 1 BTC = 11330 USD This is current status and is changed every few seconds, but yes it will go up again, and it will go down again as well.
  11. They are sponsored and backed up with so much money we cannot even imagine, so yes they can pay us money, for example this faucets are doing like this, yes they are paying out good: https://tinyurl.com/yb3m6nyp https://tinyurl.com/y5a7onml https://tinyurl.com/y6yvd3fb
  12. Agree, and this doesn't mean we won't do same mistake again, so yes we will do mistakes and they will be our lessons.
  13. Also I doesn't consider myself lucky in a way of earning, but also I consider myself lucky because of knowing about it, this is a big deal, just thinking about all te people who don't know anything about it. So because of knowing about it I am lucky.
  14. Anyone experienced them and me too also experienced difficulties, many time the support needed to help as well.
  15. Yes, for example all telegram bot are fraud, only yobit's telegram bot are real, also those bots that are only informative with real and true informations.
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