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  1. Bitcoin ATM is a device that allows buying or selling bitcoins for fiat currencies. It works almost like the ATMs we use today, with a few differences. Instead of inserting a bank card into the device and obtaining the money, with Bitcoin ATM you can just scan your wallet code for the ATM, and you make some clicks on the device and we get money (dollars or euros) compared to bitcoin, and the opposite is true if you are You want to buy bitcoin, you deposit banknotes in Bitcoin ATM at any value that Bitcoin buys and you will receive instructions to send that value to your bitcoin wallet.
  2. The first in the priority list when choosing the best crypto wallets are security features. Virtual currencies have recently become the target of many cybercriminals. Many prominent cryptocurrency exchanges have suffered from hacking, leading to thefts of billions of dollars. 2018 started with a notable Coincheck attack as pirates captured over $ 500 million in NEM coin. In June 2018 alone, two South Korean-based platforms, Coinrail and Bithumb, were attacked by piracy. In all of these cases, the attackers were able to steal money from the so-called "hot wallets" (online), and recently 700 Bitcoins were stolen from the Binance platform, and this does not mean that it is not safe to make your cryptocurrencies in the trading platforms, it must be transferred All your currencies into decentralized wallets such as or cold wallets like LEDGER NANO S is the most secure wallet ever.
  3. Simple and straightforward transactions Transactions in traditional commercial transactions take place in the presence of brokers, agents, and legal representatives, in addition to the expenses of these parties. We talk about paperwork, brokerage fees, commissions, and any number of other special conditions that may apply to the transaction. One of the advantages of digital currency transactions is that they cancel the kick of these complications and parties, so that transactions between the two parties take place without interference from the other side that plays the role of the mediator. Fast transactions and in the shortest possible time, confidential and transparent transactions, low transfer fees, low transfer fees, facilitating international trade
  4. Cryptocurrency is a type of malicious activity where an infected machine is used to secretly mining cryptocurrency and to do this the attacker (hacker) uses the processing power and bandwidth of the victims (in most cases this is done without the awareness or knowledge of the victim). In general, the mining malware responsible for such activities is designed to use enough system resources (the victim's device) as long as possible without being noticed. Because cryptocurrency mining requires the use of a large portion of processing power, hackers try to control many devices and in this way they are able to collect enough computer resources to carry out mining activity in a less risky and costly way. Earlier versions of the mining software were dependent on victims clicking on malicious links or email attachments infecting their systems with hidden mining programs. But in the past two years more sophisticated types of this software have been developed which have taken the concept of cryptography to a whole new level. At the present time, most of the mining malware is run through scripts embedded in websites. This method is known as (web-based cryptojacking). If you suspect that your CPU is being used more than usual and that its cooling fans emit loud sound for no apparent reason then there is a possibility that your device is being used for cryptocurrency mining. It is important to know if your computer is infected or Cryptojacking is running through the browser.
  5. There are many other entry points into the Bitcoin world. You can work as a daily trader and use a regulated exchange like GDAX (owned by Coinbase). On the other hand, you can find a local person who is willing to trade cash for bitcoin, if you prefer to meet strangers in parking lots. And if you run a business you can accept bitcoin as payment for goods or services. PayPal, money and other cryptocurrencies are also menu options.
  6. It is one of the currencies that currently exist where it is expected to have a great future because of its advantages, in addition to that it is one of the distinctive digital currencies, and in this article we will learn about the monroe currency and the ways to obtain it and the features that are distinguished as well as how to identify the price of this currency in Any time against the dollar through the site You can make mining of currencies xmr easily from your own computer, all you have to do is enter the website of the currency from and that you download the appropriate program for your operating system and after the program is installed you will choose the mining pool and the best of them is Nanopool or minexmr, Then the mining process will start and your profits will be withdrawn to the portfolio.
  7. Four areas that can benefit greatly from encryption technology: First, e-commerce: If digital currencies are the future of money, e-commerce is the future of retail, and it's one of the biggest success stories of the 21st century. Unfortunately, it faces some problems that can be addressed by digital currencies, such as electronic attacks on customers' debit and credit cards, which have reached 150 million attacks in the past two years. Here comes the role of cryptocurrencies that make it harder for hackers to carry out their attacks thanks to the blockchain technology, so allowing clients to pay with bitcoin will be safer. The Chinese e-commerce company, "Alibaba" has already begun accepting digital currencies as a method of payment on some of its platforms. Second, virtual games: Virtual games are one of the most sought-after entertainment sources especially among the youth, who are the biggest users of cryptocurrencies. Since virtual games suffer from many problems such as e-commerce, digital currencies such as the use of Ripple, Troon and Doggoin coins as a means of payment can buy them for games. Game makers can also allow users to purchase digital currencies directly from their gaming platforms, which will be a great source of income for these games. Third, global financial transfers: It is the most frequently used field of digital currencies that some of the big players such as "JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM)" Chase and "Facebook" are planning to launch their cryptocurrencies for cross-border financial transactions. And since traditional financial transactions are slow and unsecured and cost a lot of fees, digital currencies can strongly control the field of money transfers thanks to its advantages of speed and low cost of fees. Fourth, travel and ticket reservation: Traveling is one of the excellent areas for using digital currencies, as travelers usually face many problems related to transfer from one currency to another, and here comes the role of digital currencies that can be used from anywhere in the world without obstacles, in addition to being safe for tourists compared to carrying cash or credit cards. As for ticket reservations, digital currencies can avoid the hassle of converting foreign airlines and hotels.
  8. Why is bitcoin so volatile? the reasons: Small market size: Bitcoin is just a small boat in a large ocean of financial assets. At the height of Bitcoin's reach, the total bitcoin market ceiling was less than $ 350 billion, and the maximum crypto market overall was less than $ 850 billion. If the bitcoin is compared to that of Apple, which holds the largest single share in the United States and that has reached a total market capitalization of more than $ 1 trillion at its height. And compared to Bitcoin on the gold market, the latter amounted to exceeded $ 7 trillion. The same applies if the bitcoin is compared to the other financial assets. Therefore, the bitcoin currency is still small, which is one of the main factors of volatility in addition to other factors that we will address.
  9. "Facebook" revealed, on Tuesday, an ambitious plan to create a digital currency called "Libra", to be issued in 2020, in cooperation with 27 partners, and the company described the move as "contributing to the establishment of an alternative financial system" and said David Marcus, President The "Calibrao" company, which is responsible for launching the currency, the former President of "PayPal", during a press conference, Tuesday: "It is time for a better system," adding: "This is something that could be a profound change for the whole world." The project involves a group of companies from various fields, as well as companies in the field of payments, including «Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, and PayPal», in addition to communications companies, such as Vodafone, and Uber company specializing in the field of transport. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of "Facebook", announced that the company aims to reach the number of partners to 100 partners before the launch of the currency next year. And Zuckerberg added through a post on the social networking site «Facebook»: «We hope that the currency makes it easier for everyone to send and receive money just as our applications use to share messages and photos.» Zuckerberg noted that "dealing with money via a mobile phone will have a positive impact on people's lives, especially since they are not obligated to pay additional fees for remittances." And technology will be available to conduct transactions through a separate application, and through chat applications of «Facebook», such as «Manger» and «WhatsApp». The currency is expected to be used as a means among people who do not have access to traditional banking platforms, and do not have bank accounts, and the number is 1.7 billion people, and they do not have access to financial services of any kind, in contrast there are approximately 2.4 billion people using Facebook "Every month, according to the chief executive officer of the" Calibraw "company. Zuckerberg announced that the administration of "Facebook" disassociates from the direct management of the new currency, and the project will be run by a non-profit entity in Switzerland, independent of "Facebook". "Facebook" indicated the inauguration of a subsidiary called "Calibra" to build a digital portfolio for storing and exchanging the currency, and the company will be managed in a separate department from "Facebook" to protect privacy. It is noteworthy that this is not the first digital currency in the world, preceded by other currencies, the most famous of which is the "Bitcoin", which raises the question of what difference will the new "Facebook" currency add to the global financial market, as the new currency combines the features of the traditional currency and the modern digital currency. Facebook created its new technology, the coded technology blockchain used by the world's most famous digital currency, such as bitcoin, in order to expand it to include more users. Moreover, Libera is linked to government currencies such as the dollar or the euro , To prevent the level of fluctuations common in the area of the digital currency, in addition to that the user must enter his national number to create a user account.
  10. Coinbase One of the easiest wallets to use. It is very easy to use and has limited applications so it is useful for beginners. Only some of the selected cryptocurrencies are offered although it may be set to expand soon. Since Coinbase is an exchange platform, in which you can trade currencies to each other, but fees are very high. It can be avoided by using Coinbase Pro. is a strongly supported company with a good reputation. The site is a commonly used block explorer and their software wallets also have the same reputation. Launched in 2011, it supports 37 languages and 3 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. The user interface is easy to use, and its inverse design makes it very easy to use. Again, hardware wallets are better for owning big money, but this is a very good option for storing the cipher you may need to access. The Jaxx Wallet, created in 2014 by the founder of Ethereum Anthony Di Iorio, is supported on a wide range of platforms including Android, iOS, Apple and Windows and has a Chrome extension. It enables users to trade 69 cryptocurrencies and distinct symbols, including some outside the top 100 through the market cap. Some users criticized the app for not doing exchange transactions but it was also praised for being well-designed and offering a large number of related features.
  11. The volatile development of bitcoins in 2020 is a little underestimated. Although the coin began to exceed $ 7,000, two days later, enthusiasts and traders everywhere were a little afraid, but the coin unexpectedly fell to the $ 6000 range, when prices fell about $ 500. Many are wondering whether the next year of presidential elections and the much-anticipated half [currently scheduled for mid-May] will lead to a 12-month bleak fall in the world's first currency. But in the end, it happened in some very bad situations. Bitcoin will continue to be allowed to appreciate in the coming weeks, but only if it develops steadily and slowly [as in the past], it is likely that we will see Bitcoin currencies continue for longer in bullish areas. If it could take some time and peak without being pushed up too quickly, 2020 may indeed be an expensive year and many analysts and enthusiasts hope to do so.
  12. The theft of investor money due to the weak security system of the crypto exchanges is one of the problems that make investors leave this field through the back door and do not think about investing in it. It is worth noting that the Cryptopia Stock Exchange was exposed to a breakthrough on January 15 this year, which led to the suspension of its services, and the confirmation of its employees that large and heavy losses occurred, but will not be detected yet, and the police began their investigations into the accident, with the aim of refunding the money once Others to the investors.
  13. The easiest and most popular way to buy bitcoin using Paypal credit. It's not simple, but yes, it did and is the best way to buy bitcoin using Paypal balance today.
  14. Bitcoin faucet is one of the most popular ways to earn bitcoin for free, all you have to do is enter every minute and you will get a very small amount of bitcoin, maybe a few cents but you can transfer it for something. One of the oldest and most popular bitcoin taps sites is
  15. If I earn 1000 dollars, I will trade on the yobit platform and earn from it . And from the trading profits, I will buy a new computer or a new mobile. Please be lucky.
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