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  1. How many participants will receive this, I do not know. There may be many possibilities. For me, I got 2 people, but, unfortunately, both of them do not perform the tasks recommended for receiving an air drop, so he is not considered a user who receives an air drop.
  2. To understand the world of crypto, you need to know how it works against the background of “network and communication”, because crypto as a whole is a reward for those who provide equipment and electricity.
  3. Large companies use Bitcoin as a means of payment. The forces pay with their payments through Bitcoin, so they can make large transactions with very few coins.
  4. Of course, it was a mystery who created it, but it was a great progress at the technological and financial level, because it represents a complete change in the management of the world of finance around the world, allowing all kinds of commercial transfers to be made between all countries.
  5. Smack that Akon. He is one of my favorite singers of all time. Now I just heard this news. This news will bring happiness to the people of Senegal. We hope that this will encourage all other superstars from different countries to use cryptocurrencies.
  6. ZeusBoy77

    Scam Alert

    Fraud is a prerequisite if we need privacy in any wallet, of course, we need to know that our privacy can be known to someone else, but there are many who do not know.
  7. Yes, this is not easy to do before you buy it for sale in the markets, what are you doing in this transaction. I mean, this is a super-coin.
  8. Bitcoin is number one, because these were the first cryptocurrencies that were created. People often use the term “cryptocurrency” for bitcoins, so every time someone new to cryptocurrency receives it, the first thing it finds is bitcoins.
  9. I saw and heard about manipulating BTC. Manipulation is real, if it exists at all. Some traders spent time and effort creating accounts on various platforms to resolve price differences.
  10. Arbitration is really profitable, and sometimes I also use price differences between exchanges. But what you should pay attention to is that the arbitration process is not as smooth as we hoped. I have a bad experience. Sending coins from exchange A to B takes a lot of time, and when it arrives at exchange B, the price drops.
  11. Maybe there is an interval for checking messages, which, I think, can take only 2-3 hours. I hope this is not a mistake. Your post has been deleted? Because, if so, the post does not count.
  12. Margin trading on cryptocurrencies, I think, is more risky than regular trading, but since it was free, maybe I will try later, thanks for this informative dude, I added this bookmark, and now I will try later!
  13. Wow, very helpful post. 30 minutes ago, bitcoin crossed the resistance level of $ 9,000, now it is approaching $ 10,000, so be prepared for the impact of the price of bitcoins on all altcoins, so altcoins could collapse due to bitcoins. Thanks
  14. I have never heard of this exchange like never before. So I decided to just see what I could find. So how did you ask a scam? I switched to SCAMadviser. This gives a yellow bar that indicates
  15. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m working for a living or living at work because my working hours are too long, which is 13 hours, sometimes longer. Although the salary is very minimal, I want to leave, but I have no other employment opportunities until one day I recognize the cryptocurrency, and now I have additional income from the results of the cryptocurrency.
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