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  1. I would like to report this account: https://cryptotalk.org/profile/9717-awfully/ Awfully copied Nicetry post in this topic Done
  2. I am here not just for technology, but for money. I love how crypto influences me in my daily life. I am grateful that crypto helps me in terms of financial. I won't be here if there's no money involved. And I guess most of us are here in cryptos to earn money.
  3. If you're not afraid of taking risk, then you should choose bitcoin. You can actually earn high profit in bitcoin compare to gold but it's risky than investing in gold. If you want to have stable profit, then go for gold. As for me, I would invest in both bitcoin and gold, only if I have enough funds.
  4. I am also looking for a proof that he actually earns. I am hesitant in opening those links because it might be a phishing site. I am not familiar of those links. I don't have plans to waste my time if it's not really legit. If someone could provide us some proof that they actually earn, I might try it also.
  5. Yeah, but only if you know how to control yourself. Othere people are being greedy. They are earning profit in crypto but they wanted to earn more. They gamble their coins in a hope that they could earn a lot. Sometimes, being greedy could really harm you.
  6. Yes, more or less altcoins were underlying into bitcoin currency. And in my opinion, if bitcoin fails to get on high again, I think those alts who depend on it will get fail too , and maybe at worst it will out of the in crypto market.
  7. I agree with this, Its been a long time that I stop joining airdrops, since btc started to plunged its value. And these days I think it depends your lucky to earned money on airdrops.
  8. Wow! By the way, how could you know that yobit already spend more than 10btc? So, if ever that is the scenario, where they will going to refill that spend of their campaign?
  9. I haven't yet experienced it here ever since I started posting of this forum. But, in other forum like bitcointalk, I encounter this problem. Maybe they just make an udpate and I think it wont affect whatever what we did here, unless you commit a violation.
  10. Yes, I agree with this statement but, only few countries were believe on crypto, like Japan in which they using bitcoin as an alternative payment on their buses and other merchants of their cities. I hope these will influence to some countries to use crypto particularly in btc, to start adopt crypto as an alternative mode of payment in online transaction.
  11. You got it right mate, soon bitcoin will be more valuable it because of its flexibility to used in any transaction through online. We all knows how we were advanced in technology in which these days we can shopped through online that we call e-commerce. And I heard some online market that bitcoin is allowed to payed. So there's no reason bitcoin won't rise again, because of its function that may can change the whole wide world.
  12. I also hoping for that activities matte to have as well here in cryptotalk forum. As far as I know this pay per post we could only can earned at this time, but soon hope there will be another, like you said signature and bounty.
  13. I think nothing new of this trick, maybe that was you first time experience regarding scammers. I also experienced that someone chat me on telegram, the same scenario sith you, but I denied it because in my perception, it something suspicious.
  14. Yes, the regrets will come into last, on that time you learned. In my part I never missed the opprtunity when my colleagues ask to joined crypto last year 2017. I earned 1btc plus on that time, but I lost half of it, when I trying to invest it into altcoins. So I learned on that matter, that you should not invest without knowing your investing altcoins you should know first how its history and its background if, it has a potential, lkie bitcoin
  15. I agree, so that everyone will benefited regarding time zone of this forum,just like other forum. And we members will aware when to start posting and when to stop, because there's a big chance we could exceed the limit posts of this forum.
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