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  1. Hi, there are better ways to earn bitcoin. Not only from applications, there are several sites that pay money only, intensify your search, you will find many of them. As for my experience in applications, they were unsuccessful, some of them waste of time, while others have a very high minimum withdrawal level. There is a small system for earning and hitting Bitcoin. I only use trading to make money. Therefore I advise you also
  2. Hello friend, before I answer you the question you should know that this question is no longer raised. Most people know how to exchange Bitcoin and use the exchange site. As for if you want to trade it in exchange for another currency, it can be like that. Thank you for asking the valuable questions and staying with us. I hope you can get very useful information.
  3. In fact each one and how to see the best during use. At the moment, I think cryptotalk is the best forum for earning bitcoins daily, which can be tapped into the youbit platform. I have never seen such a site, it changed my outlook on free profit, I started saving some money, and I became happy and busy, my regards to everyone. good bye
  4. This is what I see as well, even I like the cryptotalk forum because when you want to post a good topic, you need to read a lot of articles and watch a lot of YouTube videos on that topic. After that, you should see the applicable cryptotalk rules and regulations, as they have conditions for publication. After that, you hope to post a topic to make some money from cryptocurrencies. And everyone loves getting free money by investing. How much i love it
  5. Of course, you can say it right, if you want to invest your money successfully, so it is necessary to follow some important rules, I will always advise you to invest a small amount to get some simple profits, and in order to do all this, you do not have to worry about it, because it is For a small income investment, there is no chance of losing money. In 2020, most people do the same, and I see that they follow some effective advice and strategies, but over time, a decent income has been achieved and you can start trading in large sums.
  6. Hello, I'm not at all pro in trading, I bought litecoins for 50 € and I wonder if it is not time to sell some to get some of my initial bet. I’ve already made a nice capital gain, but I don’t know if I will let it go up a bit. What do you think ? you can help me, your opinion and mandatory for me? thank you
  7. Hello, of course. Here in the forum, you can earn by paying by post by completing 100 unpaid messages and after that, you can make 30 messages maximum per day (with 100 characters or more in total) and then you must create an account on yobit with the same name and the same email, after that, put your email (cryptotalk email), then yobit will be linked to your account and there, on yobit, you will be able to see your earnings, it will be visible after passed 100 post. be careful or rule. good luck
  8. hello someone have the name of a website to trade cryptocurrency with leverage? and stop loss too and which will not be a scam because I have just lost 2500 euro on a fraudulent site which makes it a scam but since I led out rather well I would like to start again but on a platform on! thank you
  9. Good morning all ! I opened a discussion on the general section concerning direct exchanges from wallet to wallet without charge and I realize today that this solution is perhaps more suitable for traders. I invite you if you need to consider this solution. I am sure it will offer huge savings to many traders pro. The original discussion is in the subject: DIRECT transfer from Wallet to Wallet WITHOUT EXCHANGE: The SOLUTION is there !!! Thanks
  10. Hi, I use Binance for one simple reason, actually several Trading fees 0.10% (compared to Bittrex or others often at 0.25%) Network fees for withdrawals (withdraw network fees), generally lower than elsewhere. Verification can withdraw up to 100 Bitcoins per day! Practice the day I am a millionaire in Ripple, NEM and Cardano ^^ Do you know better? Otherwise I recommend, stable, pro and fast platform. There is IOTA in particular! I hope that the information will be used by those who did not know or are not already using this platform.
  11. Hello, I just created the same subject that I just deleted considering yours Did you find something that holds water? I also started on Trading View but the functionalities are limited if you don't take a license. It seems like it will be difficult to find a free and complete tool. Result even if you have to pay, which one would you recommend?
  12. We observe on the forum more and more attempts at grouping pump & dump whose miserable objective is to manipulate the prices. Some would say that this has no influence on the bitcoin market and it is true, however on small capitalization cryptocurrencies this can have terrible consequences. In addition, by joining a pumb and dump group you will have a greater chance of loss than gain since this type of manipulation is orchestrated well before the announcement. The manipulators take advantage of the buying movement thus created to sell once the price, fixed in advance, is reached. You are their victims, the first winners are those who created the group
  13. I see that it is like the fact that you provide a service with your topic almost logical, but I would like to add that it would be good to have a portfolio (something like a website that works with all projects (templates) that you have ever done, it is the most used in this century of Time is this way customers can see your business) in addition to obtaining a title under each footer to serve as proof of your business. This is the professional work. good luck for all
  14. Bwin_hakim

    Online Job

    Online work is a well-known profession nowadays, and it is highly required. It is possible to earn thousands of dollars at home by doing different types of work depending on the skill. Among them is the completion of surveys, continuity, trading, and so on. And many companies in the world work in this field through free business that is held through outsourcing projects. These include Airbnb, Dropbox and more. And others ........
  15. If you are thinking as I am to run a better program, I will be able to help you with that. Just give way to me so we can discuss the details of how we can help each other. I will be waiting for your answer, I was kidding I have no idea what you mean. I do not know anything about this field, I just shared your post
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