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  1. I also think the new biers should maintain all the rules and first they must read all the rules. if they don't maintain they may get warning point that will not be good.
  2. Akbor

    PoS or PoW?

    Both are good for mining and both are profitable to me but I think pow means proof of work is better for making good profit. Pos saves on infrastructure costs.
  3. Thank you very much for your information. mainly in the world now there are many scam project so there are many scam cloud mining site but these sites are trusted now.
  4. You are right but I think the problem will be solved very soon but it is not resolved in one day. day by day mining process is becoming complicated but people are doing mining too.
  5. Akbor

    Great to mine

    This is the best cloud mining site I think. this site is very much trusted and I am using this cloud mining site for 1 year. I didn't face any issue about this website.
  6. I think the overclocking is done when the cpu is in the maximum performance. this is harmful for any pc I think . so I suggest you to mine in a safe way.
  7. I think it is not possible. if you want to mine than you can buy a high performance computer never try to do unrecomended work . it may be danger for you. if you want can do cloud mining and it is easy.
  8. I think mining with free energy is not possible. to get profit we all need to loss some energy and this is not waste to me. I would like to say cloud mining is good if the cloud mining site is trusted.
  9. I don't think so. many cloud mining sites take investment from the miners but they don't mine mainly give the profit by doing trading so rental is not possible I think.
  10. Thank you very much for your information but before joining to any cloud mining site I need to be sure about the website. firstly need to see the past history.
  11. Thank you very much for your information . I was searching for this type of club. mainly we need to be connected to each other and can discuss about any issue.
  12. I never did mobile mining and it is not profitable I think. if you want to do ming you can use a computer which has to perform high or you can do cloud mining too.
  13. Master is same as trading but mining is the another process. to do trading we need to invest but mining is free I think. cloud mining is the process where need to buy the package provided by the cloud mining site.
  14. Mainly I not familiar with this platform and it is not clear to me if the website providing the hardware or cloud mining. I think this will be profitable now.
  15. I think this is not possible to change. it is looking normal to me and all the process is running for many days so I think no need to change the process now.
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