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  1. i like the wallet section very much as i have used many wallets in my crypto life and i have much experience about the wallet section in this forum.
  2. all should search before making a post in this forum as there are many same post in the forum and we should not make any repetitive post here.
  3. right you are . to make some btc from this forum daily all need to make 100 post here first and then after any post on this forum will be counted for the payment from this forum.
  4. right you are. registered members are those who have an account in this forum and those who are browsing the forum now. anyone can make a account here with his mail address.
  5. the forum is very much popular and people are making much profit from this forum daily just by making post here. the post must be creative .
  6. the demand of btc is very high now. people are making profit from btc daily and people are investing on btc to make profit. some of them are holding btc to make profit.
  7. yes, they are giving you chance to make some btc just by making post here. you can earn 30k satosi just by making 30 post here daily. your post must be creative.
  8. i think btc price is increasing now and people are making money form btc just by doing trading with btc. very soon the price of btc will go to moon.
  9. right you are. to do trading in any exchange you need to know much about trading process and then you can get profit just by doing trading in any platform.
  10. i like btc to get from other countries. btc is the most popular crypto currency in all over the world and people know about btc much then any other crypto.
  11. mainly to work in crypto and to make profit all need to know much about crypto first and then he can make profit from crypto by doing trading.
  12. right you are. the transaction can not be reversed and before making any transaction all should think about the transaction and double check the address.
  13. now a days telegram is very much needed in crypto i think. as the members of any project can connect with the support team by telegram easily from any country.
  14. i will also return the coin to the owners account as i think the asset is very much needed for him and thats why he tried to transfer it to any wallet but made a wrong.
  15. to me btc is the most popular crypto currency and everyone is investing in btc in crypto world for making profit.the price of btc will go to moon very soon.
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