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  1. The powers of each person must be determined according to the level of classification they possess and be given additional powers and privileges, perhaps an increase in payment or a certain advantage
  2. I do not think it is a good idea to limit the number of comments and it should be left open to all in order to present their ideas and opinions
  3. I am positive optimistic that the forum will succeed in eliminating all these problems soon and will reduce spam and bad topics.
  4. Maybe they are busy or decide to stop working on this forum because they don't have enough time for that
  5. I agree with you the opinion that only new members should be allowed to post posts and not be allowed to create topics until they reach a certain time or a number of specific posts
  6. You must master the work and deserve the money you get by developing useful and targeted posts and topics
  7. This is a behavior and method that is not good for you to take revenge on someone who reported you because you made a mistake, but it is good to tell you that in order to correct the error that you made before reporting you
  8. If Robot is used for random posting, edited posts will be deleted if they are not useful or violate but it cannot be prevented.
  9. I think the IP changes in public places every 24 hours, I think, and you can use your account, but it's not guaranteed
  10. I took leave for several days, and when I returned to the forum after the rest period, I found that I am missing 40 additional posts to receive payment again and for this reason I decided to make this forum part of my vacation and allocate some time for it
  11. A problem like this happened to me several times when the internet flow was weak and I found that I shared several times and appeared four times and after that I fixed the command and deleted the excess posts
  12. There is no missing history and I have never encountered such a problem and I have been paying 3 months ago and everything is fine
  13. The last competition was by signing up at the BITCOINTALK forum and this contest ended while awaiting new competitions
  14. I also have never encountered such a problem although I like to quote a lot but I have not seen a quote in an incomprehensible language.
  15. Yes, if any topic that you have participated in is deleted, your post will also be deleted with the topic, and for this you must participate in topics of good quality and useful
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