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  1. You can use a hardware wallet. I think that wallet can support a lot of coins. You can use it if you want, but you have to buy it first.
  2. There is no strategy or technique when you want to invest in bitcoin. You only need to buy when it is down and invest long term. Because it will be good.
  3. I think bitcoin will reach that price, but it takes a long time for bitcoin to increase to that extent. I believe in the future of bitcoin.
  4. I think the minimum capital you need is $ 100. Because it's enough capital for you to trade. Do it calmly and slowly. You can increase the amount slowly.
  5. I think panicked buyers are also not good. Because it has the risk that we will buy at inappropriate prices. Don't rush and control your emotions.
  6. I have never used that exchange. I think you should always do your research before using an exchange that isn't very popular.
  7. I don't know what is the most profitable because I've never invested in an investbox. I will try it later when I'm interested.
  8. Huobi in my opinion is a good exchange. I have used that exchange and it is worth your try. Huobi also has a high popularity.
  9. In my opinion for now bitcoin won't become useless. I think bitcoin has the potential to be used by many people and become the best Cryptocurrency.
  10. Of course I chose bitcoin. Because in my opinion bitcoin has the potential to increase long term. and suitable for your investment.
  11. I believe that the bullrun will occur again. And I think this year will be a good year for crypto to improve. I'm sure bullrun will happen again.
  12. I am sure that ripple has the potential to increase again. I believe in the potential for a long term ripple. Ripple still needs time to increase.
  13. So you are still new to this forum. You have to post 100 and after that you will get your payment 1 post = 1k satoshi. Just like that.
  14. I think cryptocurrency is very good for the future. This will be a good investment for the long term because the potential is very good at the moment.
  15. yobit is one of the best exchanges in this cryptocurrency. I like yobit exchange because there is no need to do kyc. and I like it because of the cheap trading fees.
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