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  1. Crypto is really essential and a useful thing. Through crypto someone can gain amd earn so much money. Through crypto you can make money using only the less of your time and the less of your effort. Through crypto you can spend quality time with your family and friends while earning much money.
  2. In able to avoid same reply you must be careful. You must also research about the topic or discussion for you to raise up good answers at the forum and give to the forum whatbis due to them. Thrpugh this we can also help forum at the same time.
  3. Forum has an official time in posting. Through posting at forum you can gain and earn so much money. Through bitcoin you can make your time and effort productive and effective. In bitcoin you can be productive in everythibg that you do.
  4. There is no problem if you deleted a post in crypto talk forums because it will not be counted. We must be careful in posting and have a quality posts. Through having posts that are qualitative we can give bitcoin forum what is due to them.
  5. Yes, we should improve the quality of forum posts in terms of grammar and spelling because we must also give forum what is due to it. Forum help us in our finances so let us also help forum in making qualitative posts. Let us also raise topics and discussions that are essential.
  6. There are also violations that one can commot in crypto talk forum. In crypto you must have only one account in the name of fairness. You cannot use multiple accounts because if you are caught all your efforts will be put into vain because your acvount will be banned.
  7. Many things are missing in a community that do not know about bitcoin because through bitcoin someone can gain and earn so much money. Someone can make their time and effort productive using the less of their time and the less of their effort.
  8. The one that crypto talk forum would count are the posts that have quality. There are topics and diacussiom opened that are not essential. Crypto talk forum must filtered those posts and do not count it. Through that crypto talkera will be more responsible.
  9. In posting and interacting in the discussions and topics in forum we must be careful. We must follow the rules and regulations and make sure that you completed at least 100 characters so that your post will be counted. Through that you can gain and earn so much money.
  10. In able to contribute to the development and as a sign of gratitude to the forum we must post topics that are essential. We must also research about the topics and gain informations about it before posting so that we can give reliable informations.
  11. Some people become disappointed with the trading of bitcoin. If the bitcoin charts and trades become lower or the value become down people would really be disaplointed. They would nt be able to earn so much money and they would be bankrupt.
  12. You must not take a break in forums because forums are very essential. In forums you can gain and earn so much money by just answering the questions that they have. You can earn money for your family while enjoying your time at home.
  13. I do admire some crypto topics because it is really useful. There are topics posted in forums that are not essential. If you are about to open a discussion with new topics at forum make sure that it is essential so that we can give the forums what is due to them.
  14. When your post exceeds to count limit it would be posted but then they will not give you coins in exchange to the post that you did. If I were you I will just post 30 posts in a day and add at least 2 more posts as an extra. Through that you may gain so much money.
  15. In every post you must be careful. You must also raised questions and topics that are useful for us to give crypto talk what is due to them. We must also research before posting for us to gain knowledge about certain topics and for us to be productive in the topics that we will raise.
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