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  1. subsequently month we must to refer to its assess turn into superior than this one, if not, in that case near would be a massive confusions and around panic advertising you would escort and that's the time we launch an attack to accept a few BTC.
  2. blockchain is a wallet everywhere you bottle put in safekeeping bitcoin etherum skrill and round about other coin and blockchain is especially stable wallet.
  3. With exploit this forum to be sure individuals who doesn't know crypto will in the long run be on familiar terms with it for the reason that the members of this forum were growing in haste accordingly indirectly added relatives will using crypto and i will dreadfully approved if you says yobit supported cryptocurrency change
  4. I don't know the correct deduce for YouTube to deem such action, but I make sure that my contacts crypto path is immobile safe, perhaps the outlet hasn't traditional a warning from YouTube
  5. I think it's the best source of income in the crypto market, less risky and if BTC holds, stocking can give us a good profit and we can easily invest here and our capital will double when the market pumps and the NRG is currently worth good currency.
  6. The amount of investment I have been having on crypto this year is great and I am willing to invest more. I am probably looking to make about 5eth before the year ends.
  7. You can overcome this by buying when bitcoin prices are low or down. then you can sell bitcoin at a rising price. then you will feel the profit. You must be prepared to face more risk. basically you have to read a lot of knowledge about bitcoin more to get references there.
  8. Every country improves the tax paid to its citizens so the government of any country is the one who lives on the tax paid to its citizens. Cryptocurrency payments are excluded by intermediaries such as banks and governments. Where can they get the money?
  9. The price depends on the coins total supply and it's demands actually there has some Crypto which supplies lower but price not much high but also we see some coins which supply higher but price also higher
  10. Personally, I use google authenticator and in my experience it is quite good to use google authenticator, till now I hadn't fave any problem regarding to 2fa from google.
  11. I agree that cryptocurrency is a new playground or place for thieves, since crypto is about money or it is simply money then this will attract people with bad intentions to do evil things with other people, they might make offers that is too good to be true and this might catch newbie's attention and they might lose their money.
  12. Let me make you understand with some examples that how saving hundred rupees is also equivalent to earning hundred rupees so if you have from trading then it also important to keep all your savings which you have earned before
  13. I love cryptocurrency yes but it can not take over or replace fiat currency as of now or until for another 50 years, as fiat currency is there for several decades whereas bitcoin is making a good root around the world.
  14. It’s increasing in value due to the fact that btc is increasing as well. Other coins increases when the value of btc increases so by this we are able to conclude that the coins are somehow dependent on the value of btc.
  15. I think the cryptocurrency price increasing every day. Still, we cant tell about top currency. But the year 2020 is very good for bitcoin and altcoins. We can list the top 10 coins middle of the year.
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