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  1. What i know about mining is like digging for gold in fact but the matter is different in one-sided cryptocurrencies and that the matter is done through mining devices
  2. Yeah the lot of the people lost like then singup and then not come back to the btc people invest there money in it general public or financial institutions the crypto trading
  3. I think the future of crypto will be bright later. Where crypto will change the world in financial terms and will show its existence in the world economy.we'll see in the following year.
  4. Its very simple answer of course crypto will remain as a future currency although its volatile but some currencies survived very bad situations in the market and yet now they have a very good share and value.
  5. I think bitcoin right place is wallet. Coinbase wallet is the best successful wallet. This wallet is very safe and secure with the others wallet. I am also using this wallet. That's why i think bitcoin right place is wallet
  6. With that amount you could build your own business and make more profit from it. If converted to usd, you can buy almost all things from cars to houses. 160k usd could help a person a lot if use correctly.
  7. Yes i think crypto is as deep as sea it is actually a great title. There is many users of crypto is increasing and it is actually feels like it is as deep as the deep sea.
  8. I think that the prices will exceed the previous high price. It will double or even triple in the future. There is alot of patential in the crypto market it is even gaining more and more attention this past few years.
  9. I already have a plan to quit my current job and focus more on trading brcause i see that day traders are making a lot more money so i want to make enough money now and quite my job and be a full time day trader.
  10. I think those social medias are just waste of time if you are not gaining something then it is waste. Crypto talk and other crypto related platforms which also gives some money as well as knowledge.
  11. The speed of using and generation of crypto currencies is too much fast which can be threaten to crypto world. Scams ratio could be increase also
  12. I except bitcoin go higher in 2020 i face losses in 2019 i hope all loss recover in 2020 maybe 2020 go good earning year for crypto currencies
  13. Most of all i like visiting discord and it is a very beautiful design and everything is clearly stated. But on the monitoring service of bitcoin reddit is mentioned in social networks and thereby it is also nice to read without too much.
  14. I think nothing new of this trick maybe that was you first time experience regarding scammers. I also experienced that someone chat me on telegram the same scenario sith you but i denied it because in my perception it something suspicious.
  15. If everyone will start to work there then demand for crypto will be increase and supply will be less so price will be pump again and again
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