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  1. My experience with Trust Wallet I had this year when they launched the first referral contest there I managed to get a small amount of coins which was 3900, it is amazing how that utility token has risen in price because they burned a large amount of that token. I hope that every token will reach a dollar at the end of the year or for next year, January 2020
  2. My criterion is that if the BItcoin (BTC) price drops right now you will have the opportunity to buy at that low price, as we all know not only Bitcoin goes down and goes up in price if not some other cryptocurrencies. My suggestion is that you buy when the price drops and sell when you go up I want to do the trade properly.
  3. When you are going to participate in an airdrop you should always take into account mainly that an airdrop is a way to make free money just by doing some tasks that the bot asks to fill out some form, such as: follow accounts on social networks, share videos, make comments on social networks, register on pages, send wallet address Etc. We also know that most airdrops are not as reliable and end up being scams, I recommend the airdrop of recognized exchanges such as: Latoken, Binance, Cukoin, Hotbi among others, with whom they will be certain that they will pay insurance. I hope you liked and served my contribution.
  4. Does it really matter the prices of each cryptocurrency or on every exchange? If it matters since all exchanges handle their fees in terms of selling buying or exchanging any cryptocurrency. It all depends on how high the fee will be, although it all depends on the exchange being talked about as everyone doesn't have the same rate at the time of making that transaction.
  5. Wallets all perform the same function, which is to store cryptoactives for sale or storage. Only some are more reliable in terms of the trading volume of the various cryptocurrencies, as a wallet gains the user's trust more people will use it for being a secure and reliable wallet.
  6. I was looking for questions like these and I'm going to give my opinion to the account, the biggest cryptocurrency as we know many is the BTC, but there are other more cryptocurrencies in which you can invest like ethereum, litecoin, and from other blockchains, such as waves and centus, which are recommended cryptocurrencies to save and invest
  7. The regulations are to control the use of cryptocurrencies in each specific country, although they are not illegal since the use is direct from person to person or through the chain of blocks that through one or several confirmations can be made the transaction without intermediaries. In short, neither Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum is illegal but helps a country’s economy.
  8. Faucets or griffin give you fractions of bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin without counting the other altcoin, depends on how the volume of the market of each cryptocurrency if it is high will give you lower fractions if it is low will give you higher fractions of them. Thanking everyone with the help of this forum.
  9. Interesting your publication as a company goes from being a lending platform to a DEFI with greater liquidity of loans and even more in a market where there are many platform making space to gain that trust that has at this time Aave
  10. The first way I knew how to generate money online were the faucets, which are taps with which you earn small fractions of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, name the crypts most used not to make long list. At present there are many taps with which we can earn fractions of BTC more quickly. As for airdrop are air launches with which we do a series of tasks such as follow social networks, post post, send wallets ERC20 TRC10, etc. The difference of the airdrops is that it is long-term money and maybe it is not the same amount that the coin comes out with at the beginning.
  11. I've been using fractions of bitcoin to hold them in my preferred wallet and then put it to good use when I see it necessary. For that I earn some fractions of BTC using some satoshis generating pages just by watching videos or advertisements.
  12. Many governments and financial institutions have looked for ways to pay some tax on trading bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies. In the case of Latin America Venezuela is at the forefront of taking some measures to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies.
  13. I don't think bitcoin beats gold, but if it's a good option to invest and save on BTC or fractions of BTC what we call satoshis. Bitcoin has had an alzist trend in recent years but gold has been more stable and governments in many countries support their monetary reserves in gold. So gold is always going to be at the forefront of financing globally.
  14. You're right we all want and we always hope that that currency that we acquire either buying in ICO or getting it from airdrops has a good value, for my opinion the best way to know is to hold the currency for a while and see the behavior and market volume for a period of time, that's where we can know if we'll get wins
  15. Instead of having physical currencies, a cryptographic wallet is electronic and includes a public and private key:Public key. This is a long sequence of letters and numbers that form the e-mail address of our wallet. With this, we can send money to our wallet. It is similar to a bank account number, which we use to send money to a particular account.Private key. This is used to access funds stored in the digital wallet to manage them. Like a PIN or security key, you'll have to keep your private key a secret and always safe. It should be considered that not all wallets give us exclusive ownership of a private key, which means that we will have no full control over our digital assets.With this, we will distinguish two main categories: hot wallets and cold wallets. In simple terms: "Hot" wallets are connected to the Internet and "cold" wallets are not.Examples of hot wallets include smartphone apps, such as Mycelium Edge, and online web wallets, such as those that on the other hand, storing our information and transactions in "cold", never touch the Internet. For example, we can highlight three types of these wallets: paper wallets or paper wallets, hardware wallets or physical wallets, and brain wallets or smart wallets.
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