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  1. Yes from crypto is we can earn easily even if we are at home and by using only our mobile phone thats why we can say that by working in crypto is we can get a high salary.
  2. Yes bitcoin is not wasting electricity because here is we can earn money that we need to pay our bills like electric bill and to buy our daily needs. So that bitcoin is a big help to us.
  3. YeaH, 1 btc is very hard to get because it is a huge amount and it is need to work hard and more times or years to work in crypto and need also to have a big capital to invest.
  4. Wish107.5

    Why Panic

    Yes they are panic because they are fear of losing there coins or money. They are also have a negative thinking that can cause not to calm and not control their emotions if the price goes down.
  5. Yes it is not easy to earn 10 dollars without investment because there is no site that pays 10 dollars in just one day only. But you can earn that if yOu work hard here in forum because you can earn here atleast 2-3 dollars a day.
  6. Yes, fiat money is a physical currency and it is use as a payment to buy anything because it is acceptable to use worldwide.While cryptocurrency is a digital currency that we can get profit even if we are holding it because it price is changing day by day. And it not also acceptable to use in all countries.
  7. Yes they are both good to use.Stable curency Is good to use as a payment like dollars and bitcoin is good also because we can get a profit here even we are holding it because its volatile price.
  8. There are so many sites or apps that you can earn free bitcoins all you need is to work hard have a more patience from it because there are crypto sites that you need lot of time to work and there are sites also that pay a little amount a coins only.
  9. Thank for this great post and advice because it is really help us to keep our informations safe and secure.
  10. For me, there is no other coins before bitcoin because bitcoin is the first and oldest coin in cryptocurrency.So that bitcoin will it a KING of crypto.
  11. Yes there is no other sites which is similar to cryptotalk because cryptotalk only pays good by posting only and it also gives us lots of lessons about crypto as we earn.
  12. Yes, we can easily transact our money in crypto and there is no many processes to do.Crypto also is taxless and we can withdraw our it easily if we need it.
  13. Yes crypto is a great future to us because here is we can easily earn and it is much better if we have coins that we are holding in a ling term so that it will help us In case we need money .
  14. Yes bitcoin is better than dollar because aside from taxless it is also change it price anytime.It is profitable when we use it in investing or we hold it.
  15. Yes i am so glad also with crypto although i am not doing investing but i earned here easily by participating crypto sites that are paying like here in forum.
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