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  1. I think that's just a modern way of scam. Scam existed all the time, that's in human's nature to do everything to have easy money without doing a big thing. So I am not surprised that scamming jumped and spreaded in the crypto world very fast and massively.
  2. I do not know anything about that and actually I do not care. I was able to make like ten a day once and that was my maximum, which I can allow to do during making my other daily routine, so such numbers as 30 and (oh my God) 50 are something impossible to me.
  3. I use old school methods - writing my passwords and other things like this on the peace of paper. I understand those people who save their logins in a text doc on the computer, you may just copy paste your login and passwords to not type it, but as this case shows this strategy isn't safe.
  4. Я в Сербии живу, знаю, что точно в столице (г. Белград) точно есть один криптомат, но в живую ещё не видела.
  5. Crypto wallet or bank account. In both work people and safety of our founds depend from their work. It's not a secret that bank workers sell our private info and in many cases this info get used in cheating. Crypto wollet seems work automatically by program. But in fact there are also people in here who operate the process or rule the wallet. That means that humen factor is also playing its role here and our founds also do not completely saved from cheating.
  6. Airdrops are tricky things. My experience showed me that it is necessary to sell all of those coins right after they will be published on an exchanger, in other case they will turn into nothing.
  7. As soon as we create here something serious. Why to not add "Meta" section where will be discussed work of the forum and reputation of users and projects.
  8. How do you mean to follow emotions to buy a coin? If I feel happy I will buy a coin? Which coin? How much? I think this theory doesn't work. People buy those coins in which success they kinda sure. Just because of they feel so, or because of they trusted to someone's opinion about its future success.
  9. Но ведь для первого кошелька я то же записывала все коды. У меня, кстати, и почта Яндекса не работает. То же при введения логина и пароля ошибку выдаёт, хотя они у меня так же записаны. И чем же Яндекс лучше Киви?
  10. Я зарегистрировалась на нем чтоб выводить рубли с YoBit-а, но по новой зайти ни как не могу. Пароль и лозинку на бумажку записала при регистрации, а все равно ошибку выдаёт. Хорошо хоть денег там у меня нет. Пользуюсь Qiwi и к Яндексу не собираюсь возвращаться.
  11. Limitation is the thing that stimulates people. On this forum limitation will push people to write better posts. But the forum is so young and unknown, so I do not see any need in limits yet, believe they will follow after the forum will be much more popular.
  12. You shouldn't have any problem because of that. Staying "hart" to me means agreement with someone's opinion to not type the same kind of reply in thread. Oppositely "sad face" means disagreement or finding someone's post as not true\weak\not correct.
  13. Well said. Let's see the root of the problem. People write in English boards, because of, in general, only such work stayed paid. Only few signature campaigns were paying for commenting in local boards on Bitcointalk as I remember. People come here for easy money by commenting and normally they go to comment to main English boards to have payment.
  14. OK. Your point is that people with low level of English knowledge should stay away from here or get banned due to their weak grammar in posting. But how much local boards you see on the forum where people could comment their native languages about crypto? Even so known Bitcoin talk doesn't have too many local boards.
  15. Семён как всегда на злобу дня и прямо в точку, особенно про "работать не хотим". Юмора про биткоин и крипту к счастью много. Только это и поднимает настроения на фоне все падающего биткоина.
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