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  1. Cryptocurrency now became vvery popular. One of the worst things in cryptocurrency is when our crypto account details are lost or hacked by people. If we don't know our account login and have hacked someone else, our coin balance may suddenly run out.
  2. Welcome to join cryptocurrency. You could try to share your tips and trick so newbies in here could gain more knowledge about trading and things.
  3. There are many different between coin and token. Coins are just method of payment while tokens may present a company,s, share , give access to product of service and perform many other functions.
  4. Crypto market is not affected by news or events outside the world, instead I see the crypto market as a solution to the current global economic problems.
  5. Cryptocurrency is not accept in my country. But many people use it easily. This is very good Idea to teach about Cryptocurrency in schools.This is very helpful for students to work future with Cryptocurrency.
  6. I want to increase my profit. When the profit comes i will first of all take out my capital and use some percentage of the rest of the money and invest in another good coins and then wait for it to yield it's increase.
  7. Cryptocurrency popularity increase day by day. Many people earn here easily. I really love the cryptocurrency project that makes me profit. This confidence in money gives strength to move on.
  8. Ethereum is most popular crypto coin. I think Ethereum never reach high market price.This is very high amount of price.This is quite impossible for Ethereum. Now Ethereum price only 224$ in coinmarket. But i hope ETH price going to 500$ in this year.
  9. Bitcoin price up and down its very common. This is very normal. I'm not really surprised it. Now bitcoin price increase day by day. I hope this year bitcoin reach 20000$.
  10. This site you can write only crypto related everything other topics is not allow to this topics. So you can write the crypto topics. You can also learn about the crypto information.
  11. At first follow and read forum rules. To get started earning first post 100 of comments in topics after that post 30 comments every days. to receive your earning create a yobit account from where you can receive your earning.
  12. Everyone who invests in cryptocurrencies wants to make a profit. I chose the low value coin because low value coins will give you good profit than the other coins and also you make be invest low and you will get the high profit from it.
  13. Cryptotalk is best for earning. We need to focus more on cryptotalk because here we are gaining very important and basic learnings of crypto field and also earn money while social media is totally waste of time.
  14. Bitcoin price increase day by day. I think you should wait because Bitcoin prices are significantly higher today and it is a great opportunity for Bitcoin miners and conservationists to sell their currency at this price.
  15. I will spend my litecoin in trading and as at here the charge of litecoin is growing day by day. That's why nearby is a life-size accidental of earning new and other profit from litecoin trading.
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