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  1. The best thing about crypto is that it's not regulated by one, decentralized system has no delegation from the authority to control over it. Unlike our currency today that is being control by the government. The counterfeit of it, its the volatility of the price of Bitcoin. It easily fluctuates from time to time, that it cause why some countries didn't adopt it totally.
  2. Working in bounty campaigns requires a wise time managing. It is given that we own our time in working at crypto but it is a must to take an action with our accepted responsibility in joining. If you want to earn then keep in mind that you have a goal to finish what you have started.
  3. Yes, just imagine there's crypto but no people using it. There's no essence of the invention of crypto. The more enthusiasts the more support we can gain to continue the crypto in the next decades. For me there's no criteria for a person to enter in this crypto world as long as willing to learn and dedicated to his work no matter failure comes.
  4. I can't deny it, Bitcoin help me to earn money in some ways. I bet it since I can work wherever and whenever I am. It's a blessing especially for those who are just at home and no formal work. Not only financially but I am able to express my opinion freely by posting of course guided by the rules. If I dream I work for it not only stagnant in my mind.
  5. Internet plays a major role why bitcoin is gradually introduce to all people around the world. Being heard about Bitcoin is common, but being educated about Bitcoin is not yet fully known to majority. For the next years to come, maybe Bitcoin will not just known but also using it as a payment. Thanks to our technology.
  6. You know, even our family has its own different perspectives from us. But I think if we haven't enough knowledge about crypto its safe not to put negative judgement about it. It was created to help us not to cause conflict.
  7. If only all nations are open for accepting blockchains it will be a greater help for all. Especially in terms of legal transactions in government, education, elections, and etc. This will strengthen the security and transparency for all citizens. I hope in the next decade this will be a part of our everyday lives.
  8. If you have the attitude of being patience and persistent then go with mining. There are still people who ventures to mine and their selves can only assess if it is worth to work on. You know, not all things comes easy instantly unless it happens as chance.
  9. If does, then let us continue to share positive information about crypto. People will get enthusiastic if they learn something is beneficial for them. However, we can't expect a total acceptance especially for those who has not enough information about crypto. But a friendly approach would encourage them.
  10. Of course, humility is virtue. It is being simple nor being arrogant. The number one key success factor in crypto is not connections, not intelligence and not money, its taking action. It’s no secret that money breeds ego. And it’s also no secret that ego clouds your vision. So the question becomes: how do you stay humble while getting rich? In the cryptocurrency space, this is particularly important, as many have come upon instant wealth. Using humility as a filter can help you isolate the true crypto players from the fakes, as their vision will tend to be clearer.
  11. I have a friendly tip, if you want to trade just give a money that you afford to lose. This is a unpredictable world, being too much practical is not good as much as being greed. Then if you lose it, it will not totally affect you emotionally and what you have. Our mind set is important for us to become rich. Indeed I agreed not to put too much of your money. You may earn few but atleast not a huge amount you'll lose.
  12. summit293

    Never be greedy

    I think those who are greed simply means they want money instantly. Depending on what type of greediness you have if you're greed without thinking the possible consequences you will probably end up to losing what you have invested. But being greed for your goals in life and carefully examining your decision before stepping is a positive attitude. So, try to be greed in a positive way.
  13. Adding to this tips, I think the great asset also for you to create a best article is your passion for writing. We can articulate well and has an enough idea about the topic but what makes an article interesting its the writer that connects it to the reader. A keen reader can assess what the writer is trying to convey. It may sounds poetic yet it has a sense.
  14. I think one of the reasons why bitcoin was created because it is decentralized digital currency. No more cash needed, peer to peer payments and accessible around the world. So I'm thinking what's the point of making it cash. By making it cash we just simply back to basic medium of exchange. Not different from what we used today. The essence of bitcoin will be vanished gradually if it does happened.
  15. Wow! A great news for btc, as a crypto enthusiast its quite satisfying to hear that they put btc as part of their everyday life too. Believers are increasing and that matter most. I also look forward to see and use it personally in my country soon especially when I buy at malls and restaurant. Change for good is a way of upgrading of our life to a hassle-free life.
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