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  1. Everything in life has a choice. If we just focus and rely into one, we can't be sure if it will stay on what we're assuming about it. It's better for me to have different exchanges for you can assess whatever is best to use.
  2. Even working in crypto you owned your time, it is also a disadvantage that you don't take seriously the responsibility since it is not a formal job. Our strong goal is what we need to drive us to achieve it. We have a lot of things to do in everyday life, we have a different role in our society and adding to it is you have a to pursue in order to earn.
  3. The best thing about crypto is that it's not regulated by one, decentralized system has no delegation from the authority to control over it. Unlike our currency today that is being control by the government. The counterfeit of it, its the volatility of the price of Bitcoin. It easily fluctuates from time to time, that it cause why some countries didn't adopt it totally.
  4. Apple has a big influence in technology, collaborating it with Bitcoin is a great idea. It will help Bitcoin to gain more adoption from the world. However, it is also a great decision that won't happen right away, it takes a long process.
  5. Today, there's no better option than using the standard electricity we're using daily. I'm talking about long term way, solar panels will help but think of it if it will lasts. Being practical doesn't always mean to be thrifty. For the mean time, let's just accept the fact that everything needs capital including paying with your electric consumption. Let's just wait what technology will be invented to aid this matter for the next years to come.
  6. Working in bounty campaigns requires a wise time managing. It is given that we own our time in working at crypto but it is a must to take an action with our accepted responsibility in joining. If you want to earn then keep in mind that you have a goal to finish what you have started.
  7. As the old cliché goes by, "No pain, no gain, no guts, no glory". Everything never comes immediately without putting effort to it. Unless it happens as a blessing in disguise. Money is what people aiming for everyday, we should accept that it is a need for every human, that's why it is not free.
  8. Yes, just imagine there's crypto but no people using it. There's no essence of the invention of crypto. The more enthusiasts the more support we can gain to continue the crypto in the next decades. For me there's no criteria for a person to enter in this crypto world as long as willing to learn and dedicated to his work no matter failure comes.
  9. I can't deny it, Bitcoin help me to earn money in some ways. I bet it since I can work wherever and whenever I am. It's a blessing especially for those who are just at home and no formal work. Not only financially but I am able to express my opinion freely by posting of course guided by the rules. If I dream I work for it not only stagnant in my mind.
  10. It's too early to conclude since Bitcoin is just in the stage of progressing. I just wish nothing controversy will happen that will cause it to decline. I can see its potential to help our economy. Just see how developed countries use Bitcoin, and they continually growing.
  11. Internet plays a major role why bitcoin is gradually introduce to all people around the world. Being heard about Bitcoin is common, but being educated about Bitcoin is not yet fully known to majority. For the next years to come, maybe Bitcoin will not just known but also using it as a payment. Thanks to our technology.
  12. You know, even our family has its own different perspectives from us. But I think if we haven't enough knowledge about crypto its safe not to put negative judgement about it. It was created to help us not to cause conflict.
  13. If only all nations are open for accepting blockchains it will be a greater help for all. Especially in terms of legal transactions in government, education, elections, and etc. This will strengthen the security and transparency for all citizens. I hope in the next decade this will be a part of our everyday lives.
  14. If does, then let us continue to share positive information about crypto. People will get enthusiastic if they learn something is beneficial for them. However, we can't expect a total acceptance especially for those who has not enough information about crypto. But a friendly approach would encourage them.
  15. While decentralized financial networks could threaten banks' long-term viability, the immediate threat posed by bitcoin and its peers is negligible. We are open for the fact that Bitcoin is volatile than the modern banking system we have. There is a threat between this two different money.
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