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  1. You can use Blockchain and Coinbase but in our country Coinbase is not supported so I am using Paxul for withdrawal.
  2. If you want to save the erc20 token, iMtoken and MetaMask are the best choices and for all the coins I have re-provisioned to use the trust wallet.
  3. Desktop wallet Desktop wallets are another well-known choice that is extra secure than online wallets.
  4. I have used Coinbase wallet all the time because this wallet is safe and well served. You can use Coinbase and send it to the BTC Jobbit account.
  5. They only pay US citizens but I am not US citizen. They pay for long-term holdings.
  6. Perry


    Coinbase offers interest in keeping your Bitcoin in your wallet. I do not know the interest rate.
  7. I am now using COUNOMI's computing device wallet. I'm quite upset because it syncs their app with them.
  8. Go to YoBit Wallet first, select the currency, and then select a box that will pop out then you need to copy the wallet address for a pal.
  9. Many wallet bags are found here in crypto. However I would suggest bringing MetroWallet for an EO token.
  10. One of the strong reasons why trustworthy is stable is when you consider the miles behind it.
  11. Wallet is extremely secure and the user interface is excellent with this wallet. People use this wallet now
  12. I used to sign into MyeTheWallet using my Ketstore file, but I think this method is not good and safe
  13. Perry

    Rebit wallet

    I heard about this wallet for the first time, but I can see that people love this wallet. I'll try to use it. Speaking of things like this, thank you, I opened up many new things in the crypto world
  14. Perry

    What is wallet?

    Wallet is like our money bag. We can carry our money, credit card, debit card etc. If I talk about cryptocurrency wallet then this is good too
  15. It allows users to pay cash and utility providers, and by using the financial system to make payments online and pay online through loans and loans.
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