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  1. At the time this topic was made it was a perfect time to buy some more bitcoin. Price temporarily fell yesterday but it is back up today and it will probably continue current bull run. Maybe back in October things weren't bright for bitcoin but right now it looks like things are going well.
  2. Each cryptocurrency with prof of work can last as long as there is some computers that are running it. Even if it would be just one computer running full node and mining that currency it would still exist. But the price is dependent on how many people are using it.
  3. The best option would certainly be to invest in both if you have enough capital to invest. Gold is surely more secure asset considering all the history behind it. But bitcoin generally have higher gains in terms of profit.
  4. Bitcoin is by far the best performing asset in the last decade. In terms of percentage growth it belittles any stock in that time. You should look about the key concepts behind it and if you believe in the goals of bitcoin and cryptocurrency then you should definitely invest.
  5. You are right about the adoption. I try to also convince my friends, but they are not really into it. They still don't believe in that internet money thing. I would also say that speculation increases the price. So traders are also responsible for price fluctuations with their regular buys and sells.
  6. Blockchain is a technology on top of which are cryptocurrencies are built. All transactions are recorded on blockchain. But blockchain is also a name of an online bitcoin wallet, which is arguably one of the best online wallets out there.
  7. I hope this forum can make it that long and still have so many active users as it does right now. The point is how can the platform keep paying so many users if the bitcoin price get to 20 000 or 25 000$? I think if this site is planning to survive that long it should introduce some other campaigns or maybe some ads or something.
  8. I see similar article in the past. But what is the difference between these ˝blockchain˝ phones and all others smartphones? It is only said that you can use it as a hardware wallet and you can run a full bitcoin node. Even though it is not explained how they integrated hardware wallet into that phone.
  9. I thought there would be 7 most tradable cryptocurrencies. I don't know much about forex markets so I can not say if those are good currencies to trade. But I think you should at least made 7 pairs of currencies, since they are trading in pairs.
  10. You can't work blockchain in this forum. Blockchain is a very complicated technology that uses some advanced coding skills. To learn that you need good teachers and a lot of time. You can earn on this forum though through cryptotalk pay by post campaign.
  11. I think that everybody who owns some considerable amount of bitcoin should consider getting themselves hardware wallet since those are the most secure place to store your bitcoin. If you for any reason don't want to have a hardware wallet one should consider storing bitcoin in some cold storage.
  12. For that to happen people in the top of the government should change some laws and many rules considering monetary policy. I think that is not likely to happen anytime soon. Why would government change the currency that they have the full control over for something that many of them don't ever understand.
  13. There are different online academies that can teach you different things about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general. But you usually have to pay for this sites. I think you can find everything you need to know about crpyto (or any other subject for that matter) on internet. You just need to know how to search for useful things.
  14. I wont't stop using cryptocurrencies anytime soon. At least I'm not planning to stop. I think I will use crypto in one way or another no matter what happens in the future because I'm really interested in this field.
  15. In my opinion most people on the social media are wasting their time. There are some people who make money from it (advertisers and influencers for example). And some people use it to meet new people which can also be a good thing. But most people waste half of their day on these platforms. I am rather here engaging in the crypto community and stacking some satoshis along the way.
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