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  1. Exactly this business needs great patience because the profits may be delayed for several months or even years. This is with regard to storing cryptocurrencies, but for trading it helps to accelerate profit and increase the volume of currencies in the portfolio, and certainly after 5 years from now the Bitcoin prices will have flown in the sky✈️ Best regards
  2. In our time, cryptocurrencies have become a real reality and have become widely spread and receive legitimate attention and recognition from governments, and therefore we must allocate a portion of our money every month to invest in it because that will definitely increase our profit and income, especially in the long run, I agree with you. Best regards
  3. Yes, of course, and this is my opinion, too, Bitcoin will increase in price in the coming period, and we must make sure the safety of the wallet that we keep with our money before storing it so that it is not lost from us. Best regards
  4. No my friend, be careful, do not open any link that arrives via e-mail, these links are fake and most of them steal your information or your money and they try to impersonate a certain platform or site in order to trust them, this thing is fraudulent you never deal with it and leave it as it is. Best regards
  5. Listen my friend, in my opinion, you must learn and learn and learn about everything related to cryptocurrencies, investment and trading, and then you must enter the market with an amount that bears its loss and does not matter to you if it is lost, because investing in cryptocurrencies is a trade in every sense of the word and tolerates profit as it tolerates loss At any point, so keep your bike and try to double your capital by just the right trading. I wish you success🙏 Best regads
  6. I do not think it is just a good idea, but it is a wonderful idea, as teaching children in school or young people at the university about the world of crypto, coding and decentralization in addition to teaching them the foundations of correct trading and technical analysis of currencies this is all a project in itself, and where the cryptocurrencies are the currencies of the future so They will have no trouble dealing with it anymore. Best regards
  7. Of course, it is not possible to think even by comparing the bitcoin currency with the Dogecoin currency, but we can expect the price of each one separately according to the capabilities, project, date and volume of trading each of them, and for me I prefer these two currencies and I like dealing with the Dogecoin as its price is low and the commission for converting it is low and any little rise in Their price means a lot of profit because you can buy a lot from them. Best regards
  8. There are many types of portfolios in which cryptocurrencies can be stored, some of which are directly connected to the Internet, others can be saved on our computer or mobile, in addition to the ability to save currencies on trading platforms, but in my opinion the best and most secure types of portfolios are those that are Ours and save them on our own devices. Best regards
  9. I believe that the correct way to trade cryptocurrencies in the platforms is to enter a certain capital into the platform and trade in it and withdraw profits first-hand to our portfolio away from the trading platforms, and for me the two best trading platforms are the Binance platform and the Yobit platform. Since Binance is characterized by its large trading volume in addition to most of the recommendations channels relying on it, as it returns the traders their money even if it was exposed to any problem, and the Yubit platform is a simple and easy to handle platform and offers some free offers. Everyone has their own opinion and preferred trading platforms. Best regards
  10. ahmad

    Next Bitcoin Pump ?

    Frankly, many analysts and traders are predicting a big price explosion for bitcoin, as they may reach $ 20 thousand at the end of this year 2020 with their expectations, so that some exceeded that number to say that it will reach $ 30 thousand, who knows?? Best regards
  11. No my friend, certainly Bitcoin currency will not lose the advantage of its price fluctuation, which controls the market through it, because this cryptocurrency has been produced to be traded and to be paid through and to be the currency of the future, as it is greatly affected by global developments and events and this will not make it stop volatility. Best regards
  12. Since the start of the world of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin dominates and dominates the market, and we have seen how its value has fallen several times and has been exposed to very serious pitfalls that some even predicted the end of Bitcoin, but every time it surprises us that it resists and returns to rise destroying the way the entire crypto currency market, but there are some currencies Other cryptocurrencies that cannot be underestimated as well as ethereum and several other currencies, but Bitcoin remains the king😎 Best regards
  13. Indeed, there are a lot of terms related to cryptocurrencies and trading on the platforms, and most of us do not know the meaning of these terms or how to apply them when trading, I really thank you and I ask friends here to explain the rest of the important terms in the world of Crypto. Best regards
  14. Well my friend I will summarize for you the full way to work on this forum: 1_ You must first publish 100 posts or comments and be considered free. 2_ You must publish 30 posts or comments daily after the end of the first 100, and of course there will be posts and comments paid here and you will receive 1,000 Satoshi for each of them. 3_ The post and comment must not be less than 100 characters in order to be counted. 4_ Topics must not be repeated, copied or contradicting your opinions, each time. 5_ It will take about two hours a day to complete this work. 6_ You will add the daily balance to your Yobit account. That's all I know, and you can also benefit from the opinions of friends here. Best regards
  15. YouTube may prohibit channels that talk about cryptocurrencies for several reasons. First, some of these channels offer false analyzes and others may perform scams on some members. In addition, these channels may be in violation of copyright on YouTube as they steal the content of other channels. There are some other reasons for YouTube. Best regards
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