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  1. there is no option to delete the post that you have wrote it , you can edit the post instead of delete it , but there is a time that you have to edit the post before it done . and if the post need really to delete you can talk with the admins and I think they will delete it for you .
  2. Bitcoin is a very big dream , good question my friend , but it depend on what is the income that you are earning from , if you mean that you depend on the CRYBTOTALK payment the answer will be you have to work maybe for more than 10 years , but to earn it in less time than that you have to invest all what you earn from CRYBTOTALK and I think you will earn the bitcoin that you want .
  3. I think if admins create a official app it will be a great idea , I don't say that your app is not good , I appreciate the effort that you did to make this app , but I don't think that members will be trust to use app that the admin didn't create it , they have to put there password and there login information and that will be not unsafe for everyone .
  4. there are a lot of ways to investment our coins , but I think all of them are using the same way to give the members there profit , there is in every investment tow kind of members , the first who will get his profit and will be happy , and the second one who will lose his investment , that is investment , win and lose .
  5. it's really a nice idea I had never thought about it before , it will be more easier to use application instead of the websites , it will actually be more easier to get more member to this forum and spread faster , I hope they do it in the next near time .
  6. I think the first 100 post are very hard for beginner , there is no pay and they are new and don't know any thing about a lot of things that topics talk about , also they don't know yet how good is this forum , members and admins are so nice ❤️
  7. its easy my friend , this forum will gives enough money that will allow you to start your first investment , i know that investment will double in a short time . and you can use your crybto money to buy and sell other tokens , that will also give you a new income , but you have to be calm and after a few time you will see your money grow and grow don't worry .
  8. It's so easy my friend to know the terms of this forum , but I'll write for you some of them ; first you have to know that this forum pay to members for each post and each rate , but you have to complete the first 100 post . your posts should be also good , I mean you should write more than 100 letter and you can't copy others posts or topics . those were some rules for this forum and you have to read the all rules on CRYBTOTALK to know how to complete writing topics for the end .
  9. It's so hard to know that if the topic you wrote was plagiarism or unique , this is really a helpful site that will help all the users and saves them and there time . I think also that it's okay if the percentage will be up to 50% it's will not be that bad .
  10. every user can put in there profile and in the signature what ever they want , that is not illegal . but yes there are some users put scam links , but not all of them , there are a lot of signature that they seriously pay for users , like Betfury and other sites , and as I said that is not illegal that's why they don't fight them .
  11. create a topic to post it in this forum should be after a research like you said , and this research and create a new topic idea will take a lot of time from the users , I think 3-4 topics in the day will be too long from each one of us , maybe if every user will create 1 or 2 topics every day that will give other users a chance to find ideas to write about , who with me guys !!
  12. Cryptocurrency has been one of the most helpful forum in a very short time , this site gave us a lot of useful information about investment and I found a lot of friends here , I think this forum will be better and better when user work hard and hard to make it like that , we can do it guys so lets work for it .
  13. there are a lot of sites gives money instead of visiting the site or wait time to earn this little of money , I agree with you that this is a waste of time , but this sites make us imagine that we are going to earn a lot of money while the truth is not like that at all but some people don't know that .
  14. The price of bitcoin change from day to day because of ask and supply .when most people ask bitcoin it's price will go up and when most people supply it it's price will be go down . So I think that when all bitcoin will mind the price will go up because all people will ask and buy it
  15. I think that many members wasnt know about that .. many bignners think that Cryptocurrency is nearly to Digital currencies ! This is because people dont read about these things ! I think that digital currency is used to buy thing online ! like when you want to buy video games or books in another hand Cryptocurrencies are using to make your money being bigger and to make your capital bigger ! with Cryptocurrencies we earn alot of profits. .
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