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  1. I was just wondering that 5 users voted as NO, I just wanted to ask them why did they voted NO I need to know the reasons behind the votes.
  2. They believe there are important things then making sections, They will make it happen in time. Cannot agree more. Local boards are require much.
  3. lolxxxx

    Yobit Fee

    I have a lot knowledge and have more knowledge then you I think you are mistaken here some people just rely on bitcoins I cannot pay that much fee of PM and paypal is not available here. I know what I do I just asked about the fee that is it did not asked anyone to tell me that I have no knowledge ok? Yes I am figuring it out. Is there EOS option also?
  4. Yes you are right I think they should simply exclude those sections from the paying if they are willing to provide those sections.
  5. lolxxxx

    Yobit Fee

    thank you for your kind information but I do not take this as my job but as time pass to help someone or to get help from others I just asked a single simple question. I have a job to do I post very less here. smh! They start paying you right after you start to post you have to go to yobit panel and get yourself registered and then you can see your number of post which will get paid. I'll look upto it.
  6. lolxxxx

    Yobit Fee

    Yes I am earning money I do not check it regularly but I can tell I am getting. I have not withdrew it yet because of 0.0012 fee of btc. Experience is so far so good.
  7. I do not understand how 15 posts for fee, Last time i checked btc fee was 0.0012 for withdrawal or you are talking about some other currency. Also please move this thread to https://cryptotalk.org/forum/30-about-forum/ and try to post forum related things there.
  8. any response from them? I am seeing many changes to the forum I think they have started paying attention finally.
  9. I just want general discussion section first, I cannot see services section gets spam. You are right we need them asap. Aside, I do not think anyone is paying any kind of attention to our requests right now.
  10. haha, If you get tagged please tag me there I will offer my sig for the same. I do not think personally that we will get any one hired because everyone here is because of pay-per-post and the business man will not invest money here until we have some potential investors/clients.
  11. lolxxxx

    Yobit Fee

    Hello salwa I am talking about local currency not exchanging bitcoins on to some other cryptos. I will find some one who will accept EOS. Faster and lower fee.
  12. lolxxxx

    Yobit Fee

    bad thing is i cannot trade any other crpyo easily to my local currency that is why i use only bitcoins.
  13. can be improved if we have more sections and people do not spam here the services section.
  14. lolxxxx

    Yobit Fee

    Actually guys I only work in btc and exchange btc so it is really hard for me to exchange any other crypto into my local currency.
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