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  1. Princeazam

    KYC or not

    Yes my dear friend you are absolutely right. Kyc is harmful for our identity system. It would be misused by others so keep alert about kyc.
  2. Well, in my Opinion, 2020 will be great year for crypto and price will go higher bitcoin will break it's all time high and makes new all time high hold your coins strongly
  3. It is very unpredictable to say the price of bitcoin in the present time. Because the price of bitcoin is decreasing rapidly because of corona virus all over the world. I hope it would be fine very fast.
  4. Well, dear friend yes we can earn lot of profit because crypto now is too low. In future crypto increase as much possible and bitcoin is also decreasing now but in future bitcoin will rise up mostly.
  5. In my opinion, Financial institutions of a country are starting to realize that using traditional money is very vulnerable to the global economic crisis, therefore, now they are starting to make their own virtual eyes.
  6. Thanks my dear mate fot your good and informative post for keeping our wallet and crypto safe. We should be very careful about our crypto because the hackers are always ready to hack our coin.
  7. Wow! That would be great idea. I haven’t applied it before. I think i would try it in future to surprised my beloved person.
  8. Well, i think cryptocurrency will win surely in the future because there is a lot of probability to take all place of fiat currency by bitcoin in future.
  9. My dear mate, sorry to say that this wont happen no matter what the circumstances. Sad to say we are too late now to buy a cheap bitcoin.
  10. That was a great wallet. It has been closed since 10 december, so this topic can be locked because there is no sense to still talking about something that there is no longer here
  11. Well, i think it would not be possible at this moment because now the price of bitcoin is really low. There are some reason behind it like corona virus and so on.
  12. Well it is known to all that people know about crypto currency. Many country are allow currency. Chaina, Russian, and many United state country used to crypto currency.
  13. Very good initiative my dear friend, go with your thinking, i hope you will win in this journey. You can find your solution in the internet, you have to do some research otherwise you can contact with those person who already apply it.
  14. Well, good topic my dear friend, We really have to regret in the future when Bitcoin price will increase to high. Then we have to regret that why we did't buy it in this time. Because, the current price of bitcoin is very low.
  15. It is not possible to give you proper knowledge about bitcoin halving in comment you can search on google for details.
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