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  1. holding for a long time is by no means terrible particularly for bitcoin or ethereum. simply want to buy within the proper second ant it is no longer for all coins of direction.however is you keep a coins that cross down without any future task,yes it is very terrible concept
  2. it is quite simple you will absolutely be successful so long as you're eager at the tendencies within the crytocurrency industry that the primary key to a first-rate success in this industry
  3. DAi is a decentralized solid coin walking at the ethereum blockchain. It plans to be continuously really worth one us dollar. we are able to utilize them rather than US dollar. It has much less fee then us dollar. in the occasion which you find out my post supportive virtually hit an adoration response
  4. i assume that scholars are intersted because in cryptocurrency it has very thrilling generation and could be very cool to study , perhaps that makes college students have interest except that there are also diverse intersting activities including bounty , airdrop or other activitites they may additionally get more profits .
  5. I suppose all exchanges have bitcoin withdrawals and transient suspension of the deposit earlier than the hardware is produced and the period is generally up to three hours till the community is solid once more. I assume its cause is to protect and assure digital property.
  6. i have additionally heard that online game corporations assist cryptocurrency thoroughly, I need all groups to assist cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency is going a protracted way, and inside the future, cryptocurrency can be a good deal more stringent.
  7. consistent with my opinion I assume cryptocurrency isn't always actual money however cryptocurrency is taken into consideration as a digital currency. Cryptocurrency isn't always bodily so that's why we cannot say it as cash due to the fact it may be erased whenever
  8. You have to be as a minimum 100 words internal every post. it'll have enough useful information to make your post self-fulfilling. if you are beneath one hundred phrases then there won't be beneficial information. You must pay unique attention in your posts. handiest then will you be capable of create precise posts.
  9. in case you are new on this subject i recommend you to benefit and advantage information about cryptocurrency and its strategies then in case you suppose you need to capable of put money into it it way you prepared for it.
  10. there are numerous known and cozy portfolios, and the alternatives have ended up many in the past years. The coinbase wallet may be very secure however complicated to apply for brand spanking new human beings in this discipline.
  11. Is it absolutely authentic registration is off? My pal requested me about it the day gone by? He desires to create an account. however, if registration is off then it'll be a piece of awful news for him
  12. I assume pumping Bitcoin is scam, that is genuinely faux, marketcap and quantity Bitcoin is absolutely massive, so i do not get how the pumper could make Bitcoin fee going up. permit's think pumper is a set person, if they pump the price, but the in different side humans hold selling Bitcoin, that group will lose so much Bitcoin.
  13. I do now not understand on this subject matter thoroughly. due to the fact i am new right here. I understand loads of statistics and a few are still unknown. it's one in all them, but I found out and found out a lot from here. Suppor me additionally this website thanks.
  14. i'm certain we've got our manner to shield our wallet so if some thing worse takes place, we are able to understand what we have to do and we are able to recover the assets to our new pockets. we will search for extra ways to know what the other manner to guard our wallet so we will save you any further and we've got any other answer if our way isn't always to work. If we are able to try this,
  15. Raja77

    Is mining dead?

    It have to be ourselves who need to be smarter enough to recognize that if every person is giving sugar lined. its great as prmotion for new investor who most effective thrilling in tap manner . even im thinking tap its by no means well worth it to.
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