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  1. According to the understanding of people Christmas gift is a spercial package to someone and crptocurrency is also a spercial thing for perple by so doing, it can be called a ctristmas package for somoone at december.
  2. In other be safe a bit from this is to protect your key, no matter what you do always observe the site very well to ensure that is not a scammer and avoid loging in on many site online. if my post is useful clike the love nutton
  3. Thanks alto for your comment on these information in my past we have debated on this before and i am convinced today based on your comment. and I also know many people will learn about.
  4. Investment has major hand on on the growth of cryptocurrency, as it implies there are people out there you has invested 80% of their account on cryptocurrency and many are still doing it, by so doing the price may likely rise.
  5. I believe that soon crypto currency will be the world major means of truncation and i also have this believe that it be used and accepted in all countries as a replacement of local currency, in just a matter of time all i have just said will be.
  6. Yobit has a low rate of selling or buying coin and there are also different type of website with similar low price and you can also gain more profit on them when you trade oexchange or eexvhange.
  7. Actual without doubt there are a lot of things that i learnt here, before now i don't know much about cryptocurency but now with the excrescence i now have based on this forum I think have a lot clue about this cryptocurrency.
  8. In this forum, the only post that where deleted are useful post which has been properly checked as wrong post and they defiantly deserve to be deleted in other to keep this forum interesting for everyone, if you agree with me click on the love button.
  9. Crypto talk has been a major source of income to many people and also it serve as occupation to people as well a lot of people are depending on it to right now so crypto talk is a good thing that can happen to anyone.
  10. I don't too know much about investing but the advice i have for you is that before you proceed on investing you money on any site you have to carry out investigation on that site for you money to be secured.
  11. As it implies there are different reason or purpose behind this great forum, firstly in this forum you can be able to learn new thing about cryptocurrency and different things and also earn money as a reward for posting.
  12. The basic guild for beginners is to keep the rules of this great forum, there are different rules in this forum to get more information about the rules of this forum, you can find it on beginners section at the homepage.
  13. Actually everybody have different purpose of joining this forum but i have three reasons for joining this forum. the first is to let people know and learn new things, second is to learn new things as well and lastly is to earn from it.
  14. After each 100 post you will be paid for the next 30 useful post you make in this forum but before doing that you have to take proper note of the rules of this forum and also ensure to keep the rules as well because the penalty is banned.
  15. In other to make your post hot and trending you have to be creative and also observe this forum and find any way your can help people learn or know more about it. by so doing you are being creative and at the same time is also a fun.
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