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  1. I prefer the beginners section because i find it better to teach the newbies on how to go along with this forum, i feel that many newbies are post out of non experience so i also feel like directing them.
  2. It definitely cost high to withdraw bitcoin because of its high cost charges so it is better if you convert you currency to any smaller currency before making a withdraw in that way you want be charged high.
  3. Special thank to you as this information you just passed will definitely go a very long way, there are many people who are looking for an opportunity like this to partake in.
  4. To buy bitcoin is not that hard all you have to do is to get a secure working wallet online and the create an account automatically you now have a wallet and click on buy to purchase.
  5. you can get more follower when you make useful post, many people seems to follow people who share ideas all the time so my advice to you all is to be creative at all time.
  6. There is no reason for old members not to make post, as long as you are a member of this great forum you definitely have to make useful post in other to earn from this forum.
  7. Cryptotalk is my number one choice when it comes to making money online, it is very profitable and it never fails to pay and is more easier than most online portals.
  8. I actually prefer using Eth for transfer because of the little charge rate, if you use bitcoin for transfer it will definitely cost you high percentage charges so i prefer using Eth.
  9. This forum is a place where all members can be able to gain money and also to gain more knowledge. in this forum you can see several post that can make you learn more.
  10. Actually this is a very good program that pays you on every 30 post you make, so when it comes to being happy cryptotalk, you will be happy for every 30 post you get pain on it.
  11. We acknowledge your greetings, all you have to do is to make useful and get paid but firstly you have to follow the rules of this great forum to avoid being banned or suspended out of this forum.
  12. Actually I don't know if cryptotalk have any app but you can continue to make post on the web aspect of it and make sure you keep to the rules of these great forum and try as much as possible to make useful to good post.
  13. It is just a mater of time all issues will be solved, it is working for me right now and i don't know about you may be its a network problems the you have to wait for a while and try it again letter, thats my opinion.
  14. I love this post, I always advised every time about making useful post, actually this will definitely help you in many ways, so you have to make research before making post it is fun doing it as well, so everyone should try to make good research.
  15. In other too boost up your reputation is by using this secret which I called creativity, try to be creative when making post then by default you will get reputation from members in this forum and also keep to the rules there shall be no copy and past.
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