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  1. crypto has a bright future as it is a need of time and there is no other better solution for the humanity to decentralized the system of trading. Crypto will be there however there could be some advancements in the concept of crypto currency.
  2. Excepting new cryptocurrency is a good way to grow crypto world but there are ways to except them that will ensure safety of your assets. Try to invest in an innovative and popular project. Popular projects does not always guarantee you good profits however popular projects with innovative ideas are more likely to excepted by most of the people.
  3. That's a very good opportunity for crypto trader because crypto trader hates regulations and huge taxes on their earnings. Dubai has always allowed investors to enjoy the tax free trading.
  4. The best way to profit from bitcoin trading is to first make up your mind that whether you accept blockchain technology to be the future's way of exchanging products or not. After that you will be not panic when you will be trading in crypto and at the time of crisis you will be hopeful about the price of btc and in this way you will not loose your money. Investment in best project will give you best profits.
  5. Bitcoin stabilization is not good at this time because if bitcoin will stabilize for a year or two its price will fall abruptly and it will not stabilize until it will reach the bottom price that will be very low. Nobody could end the existence of Bitcoin at this time with all the technology however some anti crypto powers will keep trying to ban the use of crypto.
  6. I can't say how much crypto is helping countries to improve their economy but its hurting countries who are not legalizing it as they are going to regret it in the future. They will have to start from zero when they will accept crypto. Countries who have accepted crypto are developing more and more innovative projects and this will benefit them in the future.
  7. Huge Investments can give you nice initial start but for maintaining good reputation for long terms project needs to be innovative. Combination of both will give you great advantage over other projects. There are some coins in the market which were launched by billionaires but they are still struggling to maintain their positive reputation in the market.
  8. I will convert my crypto into BTC at next rally and after that I will convert half of my BTC into FIAT currency however I will keep holding BTC even at the time of Bear Market so that I will be able to buy the crypto at cheap rate.
  9. Crypto is my primary source of income however I don't earn crypto by trading instead I had earned most of my crypto either through mining or by airdrops. Mining coins in year 2016 and 2017 was easy and miners were able to mine coins with 3D Graphics Card or even with your PC. Holding coins until bull run and then selling coins at right time can allow you to earn a lot of money.
  10. Large capital is not necessary however time and efforts are must to earn a fortune. You must work hard in getting knowledge about different projects and you should do your best to avoid scammer otherwise you will loose your earning faster than you will earn them. If you want to earn a fortune from crypto than crypto should not be your only source of earning your living because sometime you have to hold currencies even at the time of crisis.
  11. My strategy is to buy coins at cheap value and sell them at profits. This is a simple strategy but to achieve goals using this strategy one need to obtain as much information as he can obtain about the project(coin) he is going to invest in. Another strategy is to do short term trading but that type of trading is not only risky for the investor but it's harmful for the crypto community as a whole.
  12. Increase in price of bitcoin and it's market cap in last decade is a clear representation of increase in the acceptance of bitcoin world wide. Price will keep fluctuating but acceptance of bitcoin will keep increasing. Price is a major factor that has attracted many investors towards crypto trading so price should keep increasing but anyyone who is buying Bitcoin should not buy just because of its price.
  13. Most of the African countries uses Crypto or at least they have accepted Crypto as a way of exchanging products. Some countries are still confused and they have not allowed their Inhabitants to use crypto. Africa has done a right thing but I hope that they must not be allowing their inhabitants to use crypto for some illegal activities.
  14. Population matters but in this case what maters most is adaptation Indians are investing in crypto but as a Country India, Pakistan and China all have negative views about crypto as Involvement of Banks are banned in all three countries. On the other hand South Korea , Japan and Hong Kong has declared it Legal although they have very small population as compared to three major countries of Asia with respect to population.
  15. Crisis has almost ended and If Bitcoin regulations in Your country suits you as a Investor than this is a good chance to invest in Crypto using stock or real state. If you are not sure about the future price of BTC at least invest the amount that you think you will not regret loosing.
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