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  1. I would care about this on my own, now that I have thoroughly verified the domain. I will login to a website. Thank you for sharing the fact that so many people can be deceived by such a duplicate domain.
  2. While we may wait a while, perhaps a good view is that even those sites that have a confidence score system can have a lot of confidence. The truth is that there is no confidence score system in the crypto world, in my view, crypto is moving to a more advanced view.
  3. No matter what the US does, the development of bitcoin will have little effect. Since Bitcoin cannot be controlled by anyone, I hope Bitcoin can be an international payment instrument. The Marcin government will always try to destroy Bitcoin because they think they can replace the position dollar as an international currency.
  4. CoinMarketCap has nearly four times less cryptocurrency than CoinZeko, and lately I've been seeing crypto users migrate to Coinjecco. I've been using CoinMarketCap most of the time, but I agree that Coinjeco has more options and looks more perfect.
  5. Many of your questions can be answered, I hope through this post I get to know it, it can be good for me. I have no idea about this hardware wallet, you can get good advice.
  6. I see that Asian countries are first and foremost European countries in cryptocurrency and America, which has not yet accepted bitcoin. This is encouraging news and wonderful for all lovers of the crypto world, and we hope that countries follow China and Korea.
  7. You must first write 100 useful posts to CryptoTotal, and then you will start paying for 30 useful posts daily. You will need to use the same email and link your cryptotal account when registering with View.
  8. There are many Twitter users who are also working on crypto, I have heard that earning on Twitter is easy because you can only retweet and tweet crypto related tweets. This would be really cool because Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms and there are also lots of campaigns that use Twitter.
  9. When you make a transaction, you need to confirm it via email, so when you go to the email, check that the address has changed. Well it could be a problem but easily solved. If you think you are on an exchange.
  10. They probably need to take some precautions because this is always happening and it's so annoying that almost all your quality posts were deleted and you pay for it. This is happening to all of us, and I think it may cause this forum to collapse.
  11. Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to sell and store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. Blockchain is a growing list of records, linked to blockchain using cryptography.
  12. If the world accepts crypto currency completely, the demand for the US dollar will decrease. It has not been said yet whether banks will use blockchain, but new technology may come in so crypto currency banks can control.
  13. I think it has a lot of users right now. Yes, most of them are afraid of crypto progress. They always have a way to control their movement, but this technology runs out of control.
  14. I highly doubt that Langard absolutely thinks about XRP or knows what it is. It looks like fake news made by a heavy bagger. Keeping so many XRPs that value so much is what makes people post this national post.
  15. With the amount of information we get, we can analyze whether the site is fake or not. Yes there are many who have hacked it and have experienced it hundreds, not once or twice.
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