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  1. I think when that come then the price of bitcoin is already on the hand of the holder and if they sell it or just hold to increase even more.
  2. I think some of post here that it said that there are already some Bitcoin ATM machine and I do not know if it is easy to cash out there or safe.
  3. That is really not good I didn't now bitcoin before but I think if I know it then I still not get a chance and I will end up like you, because what happen is like miracle.
  4. That is one of the sign that crypto currency is really developing now and it is now easy to access unlike before that it is prohibited.
  5. I also want to try that calculator because I never used like that when I am trading and only in the platform I calculate I hope I will learn that one.
  6. I think you are a member in the bitcoin talk and I think now it is really hard to make money there because I try it and now this only one that really pay well.
  7. Thank you for this one I really do not have any idea about what you are giving information but now it seems that it is clear and I understand it.
  8. Xsimple

    Crypto future

    If there is no bad genus that will going to hack block chain and take down block chain then the future of crypto currency is very secure.
  9. When buying crypto currency especially to those coin that is not really good or don't have good reputation then there will be a lot ways like using different analysis.
  10. I think that is really not good thing because there is no point in blaming your self because you will never grow in that way if you do that.
  11. I think there will be if there is some organization that have enough money to promote their coins or even hold some of their coins then maybe it is possible.
  12. Yeah that is really sad and I think you do very good post because you have some reputation and I think this will not happened again here.
  13. I think it is really best the you always watch the graph and how the performance of that coin rather than price so for me I don't care about the price.
  14. I think that I am just started in this crypto world and I was still studying and researching on what is good or if I am fit to be here.
  15. Yes, this is really helpful because other called those token as they are fake because it just drop and I think it is just natural because you can only trade that in some specific exchange.
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