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  1. Bitcoin has less supply and more popular and has more demand too, that's why the price is very expensive. There is no fixed rules I think. Anything can happen, if you look at them. When the bullish market or bull run on 2017, every other coins were very expensive too. But soon after than everything went back to normal or worse. I don't really get the about it actually, but I just keep doing trading based on my skills and knowledge and also hope for profits.
  2. You can't say there is a fixed system or a fixed time when the price will be up or down for bitcoin price or any other price. I think it's all depend on the supply and demand. Right now the price of bitcoin is quite low, unlike the last few days the price was over or above the 10k mark. You'll know and can see it in the chart of bitcoin.
  3. I'm sure it's a lot. Because my country has their own local exchange, and the trading volume on our local exchange is very big. Even in the chat room, I could see countless people talking. So, it can only mean, there is a lot.
  4. You need to have a yobit account so you can get paid and can withdraw your payment from yobit. Once you have a yobit account, then you have to bind or something your forum account into your yobit account. It's easy because you only need to put the email that you use to registered with the forum. By the way, bitcoin withdrawal is very expensive, so you may need to use other coin, or you can use bitcoin. It's all of your call.
  5. You can't always depend on trading bot. Just like you say, it's useful for the people who doesn't have that much time to trade, but the bot is not that smart either. Most cases, you can have a lot of losses due to the bot not fully working.
  6. Thankfully I'm quite having a patience about confirmations time. But it's that long, I will have all kind of thoughts in my head, saying the coin won't arrived, or it'll take days or something. My bitcoin have took about 2 days before I received it on my wallet, it's all because of full of transaction on blockchain I think.
  7. For me this year the most profitable for me is trading. Just like any other year. Last year, I've tried mining a new coin, it was not that profitable, or I just not that lucky with the coin. Some says master node or something, mining or trading and invest. But, I keep doing trading.
  8. It's hard to find a new cryptocurrency projects with a good mission or vision. Most of them were just a copy-cat of the other projects, nothing new in their goals. Just another projects with the same goals. But only few can be called successful.
  9. So, will there be more browser with this opera thing? Having a build in wallet? I mean, we could just use any other wallet which is more trusted and popular than the one on opera, but it means that opera has finally adopts bitcoin, and opera browser has been very popular since a long time ago.
  10. Social media is a place for me to share something or information about myself or things but because I'm like cryptocurrency and all, I will choose this cryptotalk forum. I am okay not using social medias for like a week, but I need the forum, for learning and earning too.
  11. Hearing a news about exchanges that has to be closed down is very sad and unfortunate for the platform as well for their investors or customers. The competition is real, I mean, about the good exchanges and the bad ones. The good ones will have a long year to go, while the bad ones are only waiting for their fate to be written.
  12. I haven't used bitfinex for a long time now. I forgot when was the last time I was using their platform. But it is a very good platform. And you can see from the market cap and also the trading volume on their platform, that bitfinex platform is not just a unknown market. It's very popular. Check this out https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/bitfinex/
  13. I forgot what was the coin that I have and bought on yobit, I think I need to check my trading history on yobit to know which coin. But, trading on yobit is just the same like any other platform. In yobit you can lots of coins and good too. I have never bought YO token, though. it's quite expensive.
  14. So, like exchanging your cryptocurrency assets into other E-currency like paypal and the likes? I think there are a lot of platform that already supported things like paypal. But because I don't use paypal a lot, and I have a exchange that can direct transfer my assets into fiat, then I don't know the platform.
  15. There are a lot of popular and top exchanges, but there will always one or more countries that restricted the exchanges under their law of countries. It's all because not many country has accepted cryptocurrency, yet. You could try binance, but I heard they're restricted in some countries too. My best bet would be using the platform that is not banned from your country or anything.
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