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  1. Do not mingle your country, you are not a criminal. You can still use it to invest or trade but you can not use it for official purposes.
  2. Which wallet are you talking about? Or which exchange. You need to tell us before we can give an appropriate solution.
  3. It should be good because it provided jobs and money to spend for people that have known it earlier and even recently.
  4. I do not think most of these countries has officially launched their cryptocurrencies. They have only announced that they will adopt it.
  5. At a cheap price will be good. I will hold it for long until the price double and I will sell.
  6. People will know about crypto year by year. That is constant. The price of cryptocurrencies will increase this year.
  7. I have used so many excuses and I see no one using skrill. I will advise you to try better options than using skrill.
  8. It is very possible but very rear. It is rear and makes it nearly impossible. The best you can do is to have money to look for more fortune.
  9. I can not. I have use the gambling site using money to bet before. It is full of risks and ruin.
  10. I will lime hardware wallet. I will order for larger nano s or x for the safe keeping of this crypto.
  11. Trezor and ledger nano and blockchain wallet are the best wallet to use. They are safe and you are the full owner of your wallet.
  12. Let us expect the best by 2025. I expect bitcoin to be at $25000 or more. Another all time high period.
  13. In comparison to fiat, I will say fist is 80% effective when cryptocurrencies are 20% or less effective.
  14. There is nothing than that no bitcoin will be mined again. The transactions feel cod be increased.
  15. If trading ruin your mentally, I will advise you to not trade again. There are more options to make money. Try holding instead.
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