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  1. It's very important for every new user to read the guidelines and understand it. Because it will help to you when posting or creating a content
  2. It depends on you what you are using your coin for. For the inventors they want the bitcoin to very expensive so that when day sale they will make a lot of profit
  3. The only idea I really want to share here is that, all the admin should try and fix the problem of errors in this platform. Because that problem is making users to leave the site
  4. I don't really know anything about crypto currency trading, but of any one can shere some of the rules I believe it will help alot of user that have the mind set in doing trading
  5. Hello friends, please I want to say for some days now. I couldn't send my bitcoin to my balance. I don't really know what's happening.
  6. When you take very good at cryptotalk, you will fine out that most of the topics created most are so educated and that's why I like cryptotalk so much
  7. Hello friends, I believe is very easy to understand the principles on how to earn here in cryptotalk. All you have to do is to create a useful topics or comment that's all
  8. Everybody should have their own different opinions while leaving cryptotalk. I believe the only reason that will make anyone to leave cryptotalk is when the platform fails their part
  9. Hello friends just wanted to share my thoughts on this post, is possible to loss all your coins depending on how you trade it. So is very possible to loss your coins
  10. I believe cryptotalk will be a great coin in the next five years because when you talk a very good look at it. You will fine out that crypto is growing from one strght to another
  11. Yes that true know body love cryptotalk the way you do. But are you sure that you every single person have their own way of loving cryptotalk
  12. I have been using cryptotalk now for a month now. And it really nice because the experience am having here is wonderful. Cryptotalk have educate me on bitcoin a lot
  13. I believe the best site to earn bitcoin is cryptotalk. I believe every one know about it. You can get paid by just creating a meaningful topic or giving a comment
  14. I believe the only way you can loss more than what you invest. The only way you loss more is when you don't have the skills and you trade that's the only way you loss
  15. It's possible to growth using cryptotalk because cryptotalk is a good platform and it's really helpful. So is possible to growth cryptotalk. That's my own opinion
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