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  1. Nowadays lots of exchanges are using network to send coins and one of them exchange are binance. I like to hold my tether coin in binance because it's take 0 withdraw fees through trc-20 network, before go to withdraw usdt from any exchange check one time address and network.
  2. Actually that's the massage about upcoming ico in yobit exchange, if you want to buy that ico then you have to need yo tokens so first buy yo tokens or than you can participate in that ieo. As a friend I want to say don't invest on that kind of project because maximum are unprofitable.
  3. I have no my own website but i thinking about to create my own blog website, as we know these days everyone have their own websites and they making good money, bytheway thank you for your kind information because your information will help me in future.
  4. I thank you for telling me, because I had no idea about a documentary made on Satoshi Nakamoto. I have seen a lot of business based movies and I hope to make crypto based movies so that people can get inspired and learned by watching them.
  5. For me it was very helpful because that time I had no work to earn. In my view there was more peoples who had no work on that pandemic and they also worked in this platform and also lot's of people's earned from trading and something elsewhere so yes it was helpful.
  6. Congratulation my friend for your achievement and I hope you get more success and happiness. We all know how much important is reputation because reputation boost our confident, moral, and hungry for success.
  7. I don't think Bitcoin and others crypto currency will replace in fiat currency because both currency have own advantage and disadvantage. In internet lots of transaction happen due to crypto and also transaction happen due to fiat currency because there are lots of e wallet.
  8. I have also seen that all the bounties and crypto platforms are there, they force us all to KYC so that they can rob our data. I believe in it that it is not a problem to get up if official exchanges make us KYC but why small websites and bounties websites doing for our data Rob.
  9. We still have to pay fees ranging from 10,000 sathosi to 100000 sathosi for bitcoin transactions. By the way, we still pay a very high transaction fee and after all bitcoins are mined then also we have to pay similar like we paying now but that time voulme will increase in usd.
  10. I think more than 1600 crypto ATMs have been installed and gradually more crypto ATMs are being installed because crypto is growing very fast and many people are coming into it.
  11. Maybe it will happen but I don't think xrp will overtake USD and governments or banks use xrp. Mostly banks or even crypto markets using USD, it means USD is not digital coin but even it is using in crypto world so USD leading everywhere.
  12. I'm now a day trader . I'm doing trade daily basis. Crypto market is best way to earn some money . Mainly I'm trde short term trading also and daily basis also . In trading we always learn new things .
  13. Basic Attention Token is very big crypto project . It s future is very bright . So if we buy at low range and hold for long time . Then definitely it gives good returns . I m also invested some money in BAT Token .
  14. We have to choose best performing crypto coins . Then only we have earned some good amounts from trading . We select best projects crypto coins for trading . Perfect strategy with perfect coins makes trading profitable.
  15. We all have to buy crypto coins in cheap price . We don't accumulate coins in high price because there are lots of risky . So we always buy coins in deep price and sale them high price .
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