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  1. You cant earn 5$. crypto talk will give the maximum crypto talk only 30k Sato shi . YOU will earn 5$ with a few days around 3-4 days. You can earned per day 2.5 $. But cryptotalk is a best earned website .
  2. My neighbors Small brother meet me crypto currency. He was grateful online income in our country. They're believed this crypto currency project. I am now very profitable with trading crypto currency. Crypto currency used my life is successful. All the best friend.
  3. Yes expected that cryptocurrency, because cryptocurrency is good earning and investment now the world. many people work cryptocurrency earn bitcoin. If one has done proper research and gain knowledge it wont be earn Bitcoin. Because i expected that cryptocurrency.
  4. BTC, ETH, LTC, are profitable.Because this coin do the invest and more profitable. Investors are usually happy with the possibility that they can buy tokens at low prices and sell when the value is higher.
  5. Crypto changes my life. Cryptocurrency used i earned many bitcoin treading and profitable. I know can be improve using crypto.Now I am earning my own money plus my parents gives me allowance. They are also buying their favourite things with cryptocurrency earning.
  6. Yes I would like Best invest in crypto currency .Because crypto wald is good earning site. Many people invest bitcoin from crypto currency. If one has done proper research and gain knowledge it wont be difficult for him to earn Bitcoin. Crypto currency used many people have a good profitable.
  7. Yes I love cryptocurrency project . Because cryptocurrency is good earning all over the world . Because many people earn bitcoin from cryptocurrency .If one has done proper research and gain knowledge it wont be difficult for him to earn Bitcoin .
  8. cryptocurrency is the best project in the market now. So I introduced cryptocurrency through social media, WhatsApp, Twitte, website,facebook, friends, neighbors etc. I was grateful to have invited all people and they're wanted to join cryptocurrency . They're believed this cryptocurrency projec.
  9. Yes, I can sell your bike to earn some fiat.I can Exchange convert your fiat to get some cryptocurrency through legit online exchanges. You can invest in bitcoin because according to latest predictions, bitcoin price.
  10. Future people will invest more in cryptocurrency market to keep it more stable.Most of the people are now using crypto currency and its use is increasing day by day.The experts of crypto currency invest on daily basis and earn heavy profit.So I thing the future of crypto currency is very bright. Best of luck all people.
  11. KYC for money laundering and make my existing clear for them. KYC maybe good for that way exchange , coin, token ,. but they should have a limit.KYC can also anticipate money laundering crimes in the crypto world.Also through KYC they can identify the country of origin of a user. So we need kyc and important.
  12. After Ethereum rate higher in future. Ethereum Future people will invest more in market to keep it more stable. Within a future Ethereum coin do treading and investment increased. Ethereum better then bitcoin. Ethereum price high in the future. Ethereum is advantage con in future.
  13. I can say I will give my documents to verify my wallet in some conditions, one if I decided to stay with this wallet for a long time. Wallet without verifying KYC, What I could point out is that this contradicts one of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrencies that is anonymity, and besides that In many Exchange the verification.
  14. Coin bes wallets is my favorite . There are many wallet has that Coinbase, uphold, metamask and mew wallet. Btc and your others as wallets. Coinbase wallet is the no 1 crypto wallet in our country. Because it is very much secure and easy to use. Everybody used this wallet. So my favorites wallet is coinbase.
  15. There are many wallets in cryptocurrency market Bitcoin wallet, yobit wallet, ETH wallet. They’re wallets i am using. I am using also imtoken, EThos and Coinomi I rather choose a mobile base wallet . Not a bad wallet with the ability to exchange and lots of coins. I think this wallet is still safe as long as we can keep it from dangerous sites.
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