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  1. Yes I know some people who were hacked in their wallet before, I mean hackers are following accounts in wallet which is not wallet itself, you should be active in online wallet All security features available wallet
  2. that was sad but we must continue what we started like sharing ideas and posting that will help also others here at cryptotalk let's embrace the ups and downs of value of bitcoin who knows it can increased the rate of coin in future and we can earn more profit on it.
  3. Although there are no people who explicitly apply different websites or applications, it has also generated a huge amount of interest from those who have heard Bitcoin before or who were relatively low about it. We know that cryptocurrency is a digital platform so we are all applying cryptotoktok stoics to help both cryptocurrencies get information.
  4. The most important feature of a cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by any central authority: the decentralized nature of the blockchain makes cryptocurrencies theoretically immune to the old ways of government control and interference.
  5. Bitcoin virgin is the latest crytocurrency.I don't have much know how about this.You can get the basics information by research and analysing the past data from the historical background
  6. In the wake of procuring a great deal of dollars, I will help the needy individuals of our nation. since there are numerous poor in my nation who can't get enough nourishment. I would keep it in some piece of my wallet with some cash.
  7. I think it's miles believed by way of people who do no longer understand thoroughly about crypto. Or don't know thoroughly approximately making an investment. however, I assume investing in crypto can in no way depart us day jobs
  8. I think now many people have started using telegram and the telegram team really takes care of the privacy of their users, therefore many cryptocurrency users use telegrams compared to other applications.
  9. If the market is bleeding, in that case tiu must hold. therefore far-flung you acquisition at the reasonable time when the fee appear profitable, the set a price will start beyond the estimate you bought the crypto later.
  10. I don't know if there is a casino on the crypto and whether the crypto casino supports it. However, I do not support casinos because casinos are gambling. I do not gamble and do not help anyone to play.
  11. Yes of action if we really essential to be a great bourgeois then we requirement to jazz the qualities that you mentioned here so we can be a smashing businessman. But I judge commerce is the sincere motivation, we can be fortunate in the enterprise of incentives.
  12. You need very good level of patience cuz the market keeps fluctuating and you need to buy when its low. So you just need to keep studying the market.
  13. Yes, my set is very secure. I have everything in place. I have kept everything in private. Hopefully I will never have a problem. I am doing well.
  14. I think the lightning network means the speed of the transaction which a crypto currency is all about famous so it will be good to use the crypto currency for the transaction speed as lightning network. .I anticipate this will also raise Rank of altercation globally .
  15. you can leave some currency in the exchange wallet, even if your account is hacked, I do not put any currency in the exchange account and I usually keep some in my online wallet like a wallet of trust. I can not withdraw my balance from this platform every day so i took my coin on binance.
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