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  1. It depends on you how many accounts you have and how much you want to earn
  2. Yup you can give and it is a good appreciable thing you will do also like my post please
  3. Its a good step by the united stats and it made many things easy for them hope it will be allowed in our country
  4. If we make a good post then we will never loose our post counts simple
  5. Bitcoin prices is changing day by day and no one knows about that what will happen so it is to be predicted by many experts that it would become high in price in future
  6. Not at all you just need to have a proper knowledge about crypto currencies and should b known about ups and down
  7. Because it will be deleted by admins and it ll be frustrating for me
  8. It gave me knowledge about many things like btc ltc and many other crypto currencies
  9. It is so good easy to use user friendly and reliable from any prospective
  10. It is very dangerorus and you got banned because when you use it on home it will cause multiple ips operating same account
  11. Impress the publice and you will get and i am also following you and giving you a repo for your wish but give me a repo and follow back please
  12. It is hard to find but you can by searching
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