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  1. That's the way scammers are acting. They pretend to be real persons that you can trust and they will suggest you to invest money in a website that it's trusted when in fact they own that website
  2. There are dozens of these apps available on the internet and if you install and use a couple of them you could save a lot of money. Because some of them offer cash backs up to 50%
  3. I think the developers of the coins know what's going to happen but that's the price they have to take if they want to boost the volume of their coins and make it more popular
  4. A lot of newbies get fooled by this websites because they don't check the domain before accessing the exchange and scammers or hackers steal their private information
  5. You are right, maybe it's better to just pay someone to create a token instead of wasting your own time creating it. Besides that I also know it's not very expensive to do that
  6. If you have a lot of money than you can do both of them in the same time. Actually if you think about it you can also combine both of them so that you invest money into a collection
  7. It might take some more time until cryptocurrencies go global. But we all have to help to this process by promoting cryptocurrencies to as many people as we can
  8. I have seen a couple payments method from that website and I personally think it is legit. But you won't find many tasks available daily on their website so it will take a long time to reach minimum withdrawal
  9. You should be careful because this is a new gambling website and you don't know yet if you can trust it. Deposit a small amount of money to check if they are legit or not
  10. I have recently seen some news saying that India wants to create their own cryptocurrency that is going to be a stable coin in order to stop the inflation rate from their country
  11. It's not that hard to choose a good exchange today. Because we all know Binance is the most popular and the best exchange available on the internet right now. That's obvious
  12. Yobit is surely going to add this payment method in the future but the problem is that if they add it then they would also have to add a KYC verification to their platform and people will not like that
  13. This problems occurs only when there are a lot of members active on the forum. Most of the times this happens in the evening where people have free time to create their posts
  14. You are right. You don't have to choose just one of them when you can have both. Social media you can use when you are not able or you are not in the mood of making posts
  15. It's really interesting to see all of this posts from the past when people were saying that a couple thousand people on the forum is a lot. Because the number of people registered on the forum is over 200.000 now
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