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  1. Current market situation day trading much profit than any other trading method. But day trading important fact is choose right coin in time investment. In this case tradingview site help many way.
  2. Search coin and token coinmarketcap,coingecko, and coincodex view this coin details, listed exchange, volume,social media and team activity that think help you choose real or scam project
  3. Bitcoin is the virtual currency. Bitcoin not convert into paper money or physical shape.if bitcoin convert physical shape, main theme of bitcoin lost.
  4. You lost full amount portfolio in single trade or mistake. You can lot of money in single right decision in right time .one important lesson change your life.
  5. You can earn lot of money with smart happen when you can use your crypto technical knowledge implement in every current trade.ever trade you can earn profit when you can invest money in best in right price.
  6. In year 2019 many big exchange hack such cryptopia, binance and many other exchanges Wallet. So exchange Wallet not safe at this time. Also hold you coin software Wallet or hardware Wallet. This Wallet safe and secure.
  7. In year and halving coin may this reason effect btc price movement. I hope price broke all time high in 2020. Trading analysts say bull rally strat mid 2020
  8. Many ICO scam because they can't collect target amount in inventory. In this case many good project scam or not to listed their coin. So ICO investment is risky In current market situation.
  9. Every investment is profitable when you can invest in right time in right dip price. You can analysis BTC price movement and select right price to invest and hold. In this case technical analysis help them.
  10. Big investor and whales control over market and created panic because they buy crypto low price . Whales manipulate market and people sell their crypto the thought crypto market down.
  11. Localbitcoin and paxful support skrill and netellar . Mercatox exchange support merchant payment like payeer and perfect money.
  12. Yes you are right because if you want to give more btc in platforms you may be loss all of them.So everyone should must add small amount in btc.
  13. Crypto margin trading is very high risk and high profitable platform. Don't margin trading without trading knowledge otherwise you lost your full amount in single trade. So be careful in margin trade.
  14. Mining is high profitable when can you set up big mining firm. In this case you invest lot of money and full electric power system. Other side you can trade start with few amount use your crypto knowledge and earn money.
  15. Exchange or coin information update time to time in coinmarketcap database. In this reason you can see yobit proper exchange database. you can also find data in
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