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  1. My personal opinion is that cryptocurrency is not stable in the price of any coin. Any time the price of coins goes down again, even though the price of bitcoin is going down a bit at present, I think the price of bitcoin will reach the maximum in the future.
  2. Yes friend I think your mood is very happy when you first withdraw money from cryptocurrency. This is normal. When I first raised money working on cryptocurrency, the situation in my mind was very pleasant.
  3. My opinion is that since I am a student, I do not think it would be fair to give this crypto world full time. So I chose CryptoWorld as my part-time job. Thank you
  4. Welcome to this forum. You must first know all the rules in this forum. Also, follow the rules of the forum and post comments. Of course, no unnecessary posts or comments can be made.
  5. good post. I think those who are afraid of ip address I think they will know the details through this post. We should not open a single account on the same device. Doing so will ban us from admin
  6. Yes. I completely agree with you. All of us should work on how to improve the forum. Of course, we must obey all the rules of the forum.Please inform other members about the forum. We should all be aware
  7. If you would like to know the details of trading then I will ask you to watch the YouTube video. From here you can enjoy the experience. You can also find details about trading through posts and comments from this forum
  8. I think you will be most careful when you post or comment in the forum. We do not need to make multiple comments on the same post.Because once a comment, the admin will delete your comment
  9. Yes you are right. It is true that you have to post 100 for free first. In that case they will not pay you for the first 100 post.But for every post afterwards they will give you 1000 satoshi
  10. Since my language is not English, I think commenting on my English in general would be a little difficult or wrong.So we should all take good time to post and comment so as not to make any mistake.
  11. If you see a post or comment that does not count your post or comment, then I think they are deleting your post or comment. If you do not make a useful post in general, your post will not be counted.
  12. I think when you post 100 for free, the next seven posts that you pay for Satoshi will be stored in your wallet.From there you can withdraw your Satoshi by converting them to other coins.
  13. Yes, of course, there is a possibility of cryptocurrency. I think in the future it will be possible to use cryptocurrency coins in everyday life. Because the popularity of cryptocurrency now, the favorite for the future will double.
  14. I think there is a lot of potential for Bitcoin currency. Because the price of bit coins is much higher than other coins in the current market. The popularity of Bitcoin is huge worldwide
  15. My view is that the future of crypto currency is bright. Because crypto is currently gaining worldwide popularity. Everyone knows about crypto currency across the country. I think in the future the crypto world will give a lead to all. Thank you
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