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  1. You should only invest your money into coins that are already established in the market and they are trusted. So only invest in coins that are in top 20 and can be trusted
  2. It's only February and the price has hit the value of over 10.000$. If it continues this way I wonder to how much it could grow until the end of this year. Maybe reach a new all time high
  3. You are right. Banks have the latest technology because that is required in order to process millions of transactions made by people everyday at ATMs, withdrawals, payments and others
  4. Well since they are free it doesn't matter how much they are worth. Because you can just collect them every day and hodl for a couple of months and surely they will be worth a couple dollars
  5. You rarely find a HYIP that lasts for more than a couple of days. Because if they continue paying for a couple weeks they will have thousands of members meaning they will have to pay a lot of money and that's not how their system works
  6. The payment is alright even for the members that are creating high quality posts but I think newbies and begginers should be checked before being paid. Because a lot of them don't even have knowledge about cryptocurrencies
  7. As long as you want it and you work hard for it I think you can have succes în trading. It is hard obviously to achive succes and make profit here but there's no place where it's easy.
  8. Most of the jobs where people go to work are boring. But still they go there everyday and work because they have to otherwise they won't have any income. Same thing with trading
  9. Many people think this kind of trading is very easily, you are just trading and making profit for yourself using other people's money. What they don't know is that they are using their own money
  10. Investing in ICOs and new coins is very dangerous but in the same time you can also earn a very high return of your money. So you have to the this big risk for a big return
  11. I think it was just one faucet that was asking for KYC but most of them don't require that. Because no one would compete a KYC just to earn a couple pennies from faucets
  12. Online is the best way to learn about everything in the current era we are living. Because we are not anymore win the past where you have to go to the library and read in order to gain knowledge
  13. You are right. Both USD dollar and bitcoin are two very strong currencies and I don't think any of them will disappear in the future. Because they are constantly growing
  14. Right now I don't think governments are the enemy of cryptocurrencies because they are not doing much against them and some countries are even adopting them. Maybe in the future they will become enemies
  15. Mining is only possible right now if you invest a lot of money in your own mining farm. Because it will require a lot of money in order to buy all the equipment necessary for your mining
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