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  1. I don't understand what relation does this article have with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin is a new technology that can only function using the internet
  2. I don't think it's good or bad for the price to go down. It's just a movement that is going to happen anyway in the market so you don't have to worry about it being bad or good since it happens anyway.
  3. I don't think a lot of people trusted Satoshi Nakamoto at the beginning. But I guess people invested their money because they were smart enough to see what good of a technology this was and currently is
  4. I would recommend cryptotalk to my friends because this is a great community from which they could learn a lot of good things and earn some money for themselves
  5. There are no websites that can be trusted to invest in them. All of them will promise you the same thing and that is that they are legit and legal company when in fact they are not. Best way to make profit is by trading yourself
  6. Seniors have already been through a lot of things and they already made a lot of mistakes so they have the experience that they can teach to us in order to avoid making the same mistakes
  7. I don't know if every single coin has their own specific goal but I think most of them do have some kind of goal. Because the developers and owners of the coin has surely thought about a goal they want to achive
  8. Yo token is a big coin and it has a very high price but we all know bitcoin has always been and will always be the king of the market. Yo token is still not a very popular coin on the market
  9. Blockchain is a very good technology but I don't think it has yet reached its highest potential. Blockchain technology is still at the beginning but surely in the future it will help the humanity a lot
  10. You should respect the minimum character number because otherwise your posts won't be paid. Also you should not copy paste posts from other people or from different websites on the internet
  11. Forums are essential because they are different from social media. On forums everyone can speak freely and everyone is friend with each other. Also on forums you find more information
  12. You could try to do that but I'm not sure you are going to be able to do it. After you give likes to a few of the posts you will be limited because this would be called spamming with likes
  13. I think moderators should give all the trusted members from this forum the option to automatically ban people that are not respecting the rules and are spamming. This would help them a lot
  14. Let's not exagerate the situation with banks and our money. It's not like banks are taking our money and they do whatever they want with it. Banks have some restrictions but they are not as bad
  15. I knew about most of this facts because I'm spending a lot of my time reading all kind of stuff about cryptocurrencies on the internet especially on forums. But there are some interesting facts I never heard before
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