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  1. It looks like etorro, localbutcoin and paxful are exchanges that help for skrill or netteller issues. And with regards to neighborhood exchange troubles, many additionally aid it depending on wherein you are in the mean time.
  2. I do not a way to earn from coinbase they'll gove lots to us through airdropung but I in no way obtained someone but.please help us about that thank you
  3. it's miles super for the query that any change investor is questioning about promoting or conserving, too headache, an experienced and courageous person, you may calm the market and take care of the sale. losses whilst it can't be saved, and promoting sufficient hobby isn't always sufficient when it is going up continuously,
  4. No, the builders are very talented, they have got created true coins or exchanges. The scammers also are very smart due to the fact they take benefit of the builders' shortcomings, loopholes or trick people.
  5. big amount exchanges minimally notion that they could be excessive-net and could gather riches in luggage, they hunted to make finest profit in a to a sure extent fleeting period, but they did not transfer into description a range of factors that it changed into very nearly ridiculous
  6. I furthermore merge with latoken discussion the last day this altercation have the funds for ="hide">fine="tipsBox"> airdrops plus impart the sunny length and moreover endow with first rate pairs of each part of the crypto tokens and showcase a 7339ff1fc90882f8f31ca1efdd2ac191 available excessive spot profile sense as well as 2nd withdrawal way as compared to different exchanges
  7. I think they will want that so that the trust of the traders and holders of coins and users if there platform can have a threat to apply there platform again.altough its difficult yo fo however they need it
  8. Binance KYC leak in media turned into faux. equal as scammers are the mails as Binance turned into offereing double the Ether. The change is aware of this and that's one smart move by way of Binance sharply reacted to news.
  9. thanks very a whole lot for giving us this web page that we can use as a tool for our exchanges and we are able to save my lowest coins on the internet site. And the most essential factor is that we may not locate it hard to exchange because there is already a internet site directed at us.
  10. If the BTC virtually is going down because of the Iran and US wars which have taken area, then of route we can get higher fees for the BTC again. due to the fact now it has reached an excellent stage via an affiliation. So we're hoping that every one the cash will upward thrust.
  11. yes make investments container of yobit exchange is a great program and initiative to earn passive earnings however i dont have .12 btc in my micro coin is a yobit coin. The InvestBox can pay 1% every day. right now, you may buy this coin for approximately a hundred and fifty to one hundred sixty BTC sat.
  12. it's now not impossible, friend, due to the fact Coinomi additionally cooperates with Changelly or Shapeshift to do cryptocurrency exchanges via the Coinomi wallet app, whilst atomic wallet additionally presents auto-switch functions for diverse cryptocurrency together with blockchain wallet, so it isn't always not possible that inside the future blockchain wallet might be a place to exchange cryptocurrency, both at once or through 3rd party.
  13. I bеlieve thеrе must be а computer virus оr minor problеm inside the systеm record it to the yоbits сustоmеr suppоrt in order that they will understand аnd restore it proper away, sо relaх it сould be fiх, of сoursе a fеw systеm havе insects and mistakеs however thеy саn hаndlе it in cеrtаin оf that.
  14. it's the fine put up about Yobit investbox the primary that I see and very beneficial for newbie and professional also it's very give an explanation for with the motion what we need to do about any investmen plan, i said thank for this bro and if you could up to date each time due to the fact the plan change from time to time we will be thankful
  15. We need to be cautious so that we cannot lose cash because before sending the coins to yobit, the pockets is first proven to save you the lack of cash. however, I agree with in you doing such things as that, definitely you are greater vigilant to prevent the lack of coins that you have.
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