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  1. So were you able to get paid in your country? If yes which country are you from thank you for this topic.
  2. There are website that will help you get more like in your youtube channel but you must pay them before you get the likes, I have some good stuff that will sell you likes and subscribers.
  3. For you to connect Yobit with cryptotalk ou have to use your mail that you registered cryptotalk with and then open your Yobit and click on your username then hit cryptotalk campaign enter your email and save.
  4. I spend like 5 hours online accessing my crypcurency business, I take it as my permanent job, I have plan for online business.
  5. I will suggest you to serch for what topic you are trying to create if it not exists on the forum then Crete it but if you find it don't try to create your topic will be deleted if you do so.
  6. New member you are all welcome to this wonderful platform, this is a great opportunity for everyone that is willing to learn about crypto.
  7. Wait for like 4 hours before you get your satoshi isn't reflect instantly, give it a litttlle time do not panic bro that how the site works is normally. Just make sure you post a meaningful comment.
  8. Having multiple accounts might lead your account to banned creating more useless content also will lead you to be banned as well as using public wifi to access your account.
  9. Brave browser is more secured than other browsers seem like they have addblock that prevent your phone or computer 🖥 from phishers
  10. A smart person can do as you said sir that what I normally do whenever price goes down I buy more and hold. That a smart move for us.
  11. Blockchain and trust wallet are the best wallet for storing coins because they are the truste wallet in the crypto world.
  12. I love payee wallet it has multiple options, you can also wildraw from Yobit with low fee of wildrawal I'm using it for long.
  13. Blockchain is the most popular wallet and fast in crypto world everyone that is being used to be part of crypto I believe he has blockchain, for me it is my first wallet.
  14. You try sir I never have thought about creating my own exchange you must be a programmer bro that nice one I wish I have a people like you in my life.
  15. Before I like wave exchange so much, after I come across Yobit it has become something that I like it the most Yobit is my best exchange for now
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